Aug 052009

Emilio Guerrero released a new version of his CCZ80 compiler which understands C style code and is aimed for Z80 CPUs (thanks for your message here!).

Here are the new features / bugfixes of the new version:

  • Allow clause register for one parameter functions passing the parameter value in register, not in stack.
  • Optimization of standard library and specific libraries for each computer for use clause register.
  • Updated sintax files for editors for new clause.
  • Updated documentation for clause register.
  • Fixed some errors in libraries.

You can download it and get more informations about the new version from the CCZ80 homepage.

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  1. […] game 3D-Maze written by Nigel Sharp in 1985 (Amstrad Computer User, October 1985) to a mixture of CCZ80 and assembler. He ported the BASIC game line by line and added additional assembler routines. […]

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