Jul 092010

Ok, here it is: The final version of the Arkos Tracker.

With the Arkos Tracker you can compose your chiptune music for the Amstrad CPC (and a variety of other computers), compile them and use the player for the specific system. The sound playback is done via emulation of the AY-3-891x soundchip on your PC or directly on an Amstrad CPC via the CPC Booster+.

You can download the new Beta version from the tools section of the Arkos homepage.


  • The “Load Song” dialog can now load both AKS and SKS files at the same time.
  • You use use the command line to load a song.
  • Drag’n’drop possible to the Arkos Tracker executable file to load a song.
  • Bug corrected: Could not close the application with the top-right cross when the player was active.

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    1. […] MZ-700 and of course you can also import various chiptune tracker formats (e.g. from Soundtrakker, Arkos Tracker 1, Starkos Tracker, Wyz Tracker, etc.) but also MIDI or MOD files for easy music conversion. […]

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