Oct 212006

Ok, it’s a long time gone since the last update and the hack of my provider and so I missed some important news. So here they are: the the Burgparty in December, the Croco Chanel meeting in May next year and Prodatron working on a game.

The Burgparty, organized by Dr. Zed, the creator of the Symbiface II, will be held in Kirchen/Siegen on 01.-03. December 2006. The meeting takes place in the Freusburg (have a look at the picture). More infos can be found in the CPC Wiki.
Croco Chanel No.4 meeting The Croco Chanel meeting No. 4, one of the biggest CPC scene parties in France, will take place from 4th-6th May 2007 near Paris in Laigneville (Oise). If you are interested to come, then have a look at the official meeting page. A list of people who want to come to the meeting can be found in the CPC WIki.
Prodatron stopped the development of the MSX port of SymbOS for a while to program a small Pacman clone for the CPC and the MSX. In the picture you can see a development screenshot of the game which is running on SymbOS on the CPC. Pacman on CPC mode 1
Oct 092006

Ok, you maybe noticed the downtime of my webpage and maybe you also were confused that you only were able to find my weblog on my homepage, but my ISP was hacked by a hacker group called “Spykids Group”. I spoke with Kangaroo today and he told me that the group hacked into their webservers by using a security hole in PHP. Because of that they reinstalled their servers with a newer version of Plesk and RedHat Enterprise Linux.
Well, after they had the hard work done, I had to have a look at all of my files on my webpage, because they replaced all index* and log* files with their own files. Because comparing all the files would take to long time I decided to reinstall the complete content management system with it’s plugins and this task is finished right now. Currently I am thinking on how to do a automatical backup of my homepage (e.g. via Cronjob with Linux), but I am not yet sure which is the best way to do that. Anyway, let’s hope that this will never happen again.
Btw, this is the index.html file which they placed in nearly every directory:


Sep 172006
Maze preview Flynn (author of H.E.R.O. and WinCPC) is currently working on a labyrinth game for the CPC. At the moment it is possible to walk in the labyrinth, but there are no enemies and other objects yet.The game will use 128kb RAM, so you need at least a CPC6128 or a CPC with RAM expansion.
You can see some more screenshots in the german CPC forever forum.
Sep 122006

The XzentriX 2006 is over and I have to say: “It was great!”. Like every year there were much more people there then the previous year and – as always – a lot of CPC users =). You can find the pictures I took this weeking in the image gallery (XzentriX 2006 images).

Hicks from France released a new demo called “Boules et Bits”. This demo sets a new record of how many vectorballs are displayed on the CPC screen. The demo shows 42 balls at 50 fps. You can download a DSK image from Pouet.net.

Villain released on the XzentriX 2006 a new issue of his papermag “CPC forever”. It is the first time that “CPC forever” contains an english article. In the future there will be at least english summaries for the articles. You can download it here.

Boules et Bits
Boules et Bits
Boules & Bits (Hicks).zip
18.0 KiB
CPC Forever 3
CPC Forever 3
Version: 3
2.2 MiB
Sep 082006
gerealkos-pre-small TFM and Tolkin released a preview of their upcoming CPC roleplaying game Gerealkos. You can download it from the FutureOS Yahoo Group (you need a Login to download the file). The preview shows the castle scene of the game with very fast scrolling.

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