Nov 102010

Artaburu released a new version of his utility library for the Z88dk C compiler. E.g. Mariano the dragon or the recently released Nanako Descend To Hell was written with this library and so it contains a lot of graphics functions, key functions, map functions, etc. You can download it from the official homepage of the CPCRslib.

Here are the changes for the new version (at least what I can understand, because it is posting in a spanish forum  ):

Oct 172010

Bryce released another great hardware project for the CPC. This time it is a ROM extension board which uses one big EPROM (1 MBit or 2 MBit) to store your ROMs instead of using small 16kb EPROMs, which are hard to find nowadays. With an 1 MBit EPROM you can use 8 16kb ROMs and with an 2 MBit you can use 16 16kb ROMs.
This is an DIY project, which means, that Bryce won’t build a batch of them, but you can get all files (schematics, board) and a description of it from the MegaROM article in the CPCWiki. You can discuss this project in this thread of the CPCWiki board.


Oct 162010

And another game from the Mojon Twins: Sir Ababol. This time you play a young crusader named Sir Ababo which has to collect the strange ababol flowers and regain his sword so that he is able to keep journeying to Jerusalem.

You can read the complete story and download the CDT and DSK version on the Sir Ababol homepage. They also released the source code of game.

This game also uses the Z88dk C compiler with cpcrslib, the PSG player and Exomizer 2 for compression.


Sir Ababol
Sir Ababol
38.0 KiB
Sir Ababol source code
Sir Ababol source code
143.6 KiB
Oct 132010

CNGSoft released a new version of his CPC emulator for DOS, DPMI and Windows called CPCE. This emulator is written in 100% assembly. You can download the newest version from the CPCE homepage.

Here are the changes:

  • New autorun engine: feed it a file and go.
  • New tape engine with 16-bit precision rather than the old 8-bit: recording a CSW and then playing it back output the same sound.
  • Fixed a potential buffer overflow in the ZIP file handler.
  • Added support for UNRAR.DLL. Oh, and CPCE.TXT is 1010 lines long, too.
Oct 122010

The Mojon Twins released another game called “Lala Prologue”. In this game you play Lala, a trainee at the great witch academy, who caused a big mess while her teacher, Mistress Morgana la Marrana, was out to buy some potions at the supermarket. To make the long story short: you have to fetch all the filters and chemicals and you also have to fetch the keys to enter new areas in the game.
For more information on the game and its story, have a look at the game homepage. You will also find the DSK image, the CDT image and the source code of the game there. Be sure to download and play it.

The game was written with Z88dk and the cpcrslib, like Blue Angel 69, too. It uses the PSG player by Wyz for sound playback and Exomizer 2 as cross-development compressor.


Lala Prologue
Lala Prologue
45.4 KiB
Lala Prologue source code
Lala Prologue source code
172.7 KiB

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