Dec 082011

A new version of the SDCC C compiler is available. You can use SDCC to develop for the Amstrad CPC, e.g. with using the SDCC Code::Blocks template or the article in the CPCWiki. In the new version, there are a lot of optimisations for the Z80 backend, so be sure to update if you already use the old version. You can download it from


  • include/pic, non-free/include/pic, lib/pic, non-free/lib/pic renamed to */pic14
  • implemented –fomit-frame-pointer for mcs51
  • support for use of sdcc in z88dk (–reserve-regs-iy and –no-optsdcc-in-asm options; smallc calling convention)
  • new register allocator in the z80 and gbz80 ports (optimal when using –opt-code-size and a sufficiently high value for –max-allocs-per-node for the z80 port)
    C99 designated initializers
  • added strxfrm() and strcoll() functions; strerror() is the only string handling function still missing
  • added support for pic18f2xk22/pic18f4xk22 family (requires gputils > 0.14.0 and –enable-new-pics configure flag)
  • added support for enhanced core pic14 devices (requires gputils > 0.14.0 and –enable-new-pics configure flag)
  • setjmp() / longjmp() for the z80 port
  • _Bool / bool for the hc08, pic16 and pic14 ports
  • sdcpp synchronized with GNU cpp 4.6.1
  • z180 port
  • very basic (no integer constants, multiplication, division, shifts or use as return value) support for data types long long, unsigned long long, int_fast64_t, int_least64_t, int64_t, uint_fast64_t, uint_least64_t, uint64_t in the z80, z180, r2k and gbz80 ports
  • r2k port for the Rabbit 2000 and Rabbit 3000
  • Numerous feature requests and bug fixes are included as well.
Dec 052011

Same procedure as every year? Of course :-)! The first CPC party, organised by Dr. Zed will be held from 20.-22.  January 2012. Of course, all users of other computers are welcome, too. So if you want to attend, go the the or mail him at

The meeting places address is:

DRK Vereinshaus Kirchen
An der Buswende (Dorfstraße 80)
57548 Kirchen
GeoCoords: (longitude/latitude) :  7°54’40.84″E , 50°48’49.74″N

Nov 172011

TFM released the manual of his FutureOS in Word format (docx), which means that you can now read it on your PC. Thanks to MacDeath it is also available in  the PDF format. You can download the manual from and the PDF conversion from the CPC Wiki forum.

Nov 162011

Morn released an english translation of the game Strego. Strego is a turn based strategy game by Matthias Fink, which was released in 1992 on the bonus disk of the german Amstrad CPC magazine CPC Schneider International. It can be played by two and up to four players.
You can download the DSK image and the manual from the [[Strego|CPC Wiki of Strego]].


Nov 152011

Gavin Pugh released a new Amstrad CPC emulator which is entirely written in C# using Microsofts XNA library. This means that you can execute it on the Xbox360 and on your PC. With the development of this emulator he wanted to prove that it is possible to have a CPC emulator for that platform running in full speed, too. Don’t expect any progress on this emulator in the future, because he thinks, that the other emulators are doing a better emulation and his main goals of the project are met.
You can download the emulator and the source code from his homepage.

Here is a video, which shows XNACPC during emulation:

XNACPC on the Xbox360

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