Sep 112013

Another XzentriX meeting is over and so it is time to upload the new meeting pictures and write some lines about the meeting. This year we only had two real CPCs here (shame on you MaV, you should have bring a CPC with you ;-)) – only Mr.AMS and I brought a CPC to the meeting. Anyway, like every year, a lot of german CPC sceners came to Seeshaupt (this year Kangaroo Musique, Nurgle, MaV, Nilquader, Mr.AMS, Octoate (myself), Odiesoft and Sync). We had a lot of fun, talking about old times, drink one or two beers and enjoyed the meeting. Nurgle also tried to get the latest Arnold version working under Linux, we played the games of the 16k ROM game competition and there was also a mysterious coder writing some sprite routines in a hurry…

This year, Kangaroo also held the first german “Whacky Wit” championships on the XzentriX. Unfortunatly I didn’t managed to get through the first round :-(, but Odin – Odiesofts brother -, won the third place. Hooray!


So, I won’t bore you with more details. Head over to the meeting section and watch the meeting pictures there.

Aug 262013

Norecess released a new and fully rewritten version of his HxC Floppy Emulator Manager. It contains a new user interface, better support for the HxC floppy emulator, some critical bug fixes and the possibility to exit to BASIC. If you already own a HxC floppy emulator, this tool is a must have for you. You can download it from Norecess homepage.


  • completely rewritten using Phactory IDE
  • compiled against latest SDCC 3.X (was 2.X)
  • new user interface (thanks Ced!)
  • added better support of HxC device (detection, release..)
  • returns to BASIC instead of resetting the machine


Aug 072013

EgoTrip released a new game called Lab Escape. It is a mini adventure, in which you have to escape an labor which exploded and have to avoid several enemies and collect money. It feature colourful graphics and nice music, so be sure to download it from the CPCWiki forums or at the end of the news.

From the technical point of view, this game is the first game, which was created with the AGD – the Arcade Game Creator – which can be used to create games for the CPC (and also for the Spectrum).



Lab Escape
Lab Escape
32.9 KiB
Jul 182013

A new updated version of the CPCGamesCD, which contains CPC emulators and games combined with a nice frontend where you can select and start the games, was just released. You can download the ISO image from its CPC Wiki page.


  • Includes frontend, new CPC Loader 2.8 by Troels K
  • Amstrad PCW is now supported (137 games)
  • Includes NVG games update 30.06.2013
  • Includes NVG maps update 30.06.2013 and more
  • Includes Snap-Pack by MiguelSky (3846 images)
  • Added version 1.94 of CPCE emulator
  • Added version 2.0a of JavaCPC Desktop emulator
  • Added version 2.0a18 of WinAPE emulator
  • Added version 1.6.2 of PCW emulator
Jul 062013

SAMdisk is a tool to convert floppy disks into various disk images which can be used in emulators. It works with almost all PC floppy controllers and supports also some copy-protected formats. It requires that you have fdrawcmd.sys, a low-level floppy disk driver, installed on your system.

You can download the latest version from the SAMdisk website.


  • Added support for KryoFlux and DiscFerret stream images (MFM+FM)
  • Added preliminary support for D4M (FD-4000) disk images
  • Added hex output with –hex or -x, with limited hex using –hex-ish
  • Added –no-gap4b to ignore gap data after the final sector
  • Added –abs-offsets to show absolute rather than relative sector offsets
  • Fixed ‘extra byte’ EDSK extension being used unnecessarily on CRC errors
  • Fixed crash during CPC weak sector sniffing due to no-data 4th sector
  • Fixed regular image reading reporting transient disk errors
  • Improved support for ED images, including 2.88M raw images
  • Improved gap reading support for IPF images
  • Changed raw track parsing to ignore headers with ID CRC errors
  • Changed raw image writing to use only first cyl to determine format
  • Relaxed D2M sniffing by removing system partition type (0xff) check
  • Reduced gap sync requirement to remove more unwanted gaps

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