Apr 272014

TFM released the game Space Chicken for FutureOS for free. Addtitional to the commercial version of “Cyber Chicken” it features a new intro and additional graphics in level 4 of the game. You can get the latest version from the FutureOS download page.


Apr 262014

OffseT released a new version of his emulator for the MorphOS operating system. It emulates the CPC old generation and, since the latest version, the CPC Plus, too. The emulator was written from scratch, so it isn’t just a port of an existing open source CPC emulator. If you are a MorphOS user and want to use your CPC software under MorphOS, don’t hesitate and download it from the ACE homepage.


  • Changes in the layout of various windows including the main window.
  • Improved tape to hard disc interface.
  • Improved configurable breakpoints (complex conditions, scripts, names…).
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Added DK’Tronics memory expansion issues emulation.
  • Improved CRTC 0 emulation.
  • Added new AREXX commands.
  • Added a separate window for emulater screen monitor emulation configuration.
Apr 242014

The 17th XzentriX meeting, a retro-computing party for old computers and game consoles, will take place from 12.-14.09.2013 in Seeshaupt / Germany. Like every year you can expect that a lot of german Amstrad CPC / Schneider CPC users will visit the party. If you have time, don’t miss it! You can find more information on the XzentriX homepage and see some photos in the meeting gallery of my page. I guess, we will see a Whacky Wit competition again this year…


Apr 212014

The Revision 2014 is over and this time I also had the pleasure to be there and to see Doz’ Amstrad CPC entry by myself, too. Like last year, where Vanity won with “Still rising” the 2nd place in the Oldskool demo competition, this years entry “Breaking Baud” won the 2nd place as well with a very strong competitor on an Atari VCS. Well, so here are the official results of the Revision 2014 – again in glorious ASCII art.

Revision 2014

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Apr 202014

Doz released a new demo for the Amstrad CPC on the Revision demo party in Saarbrücken and hey… you can use your Amstrad CPC 464 to watch it, because it features a fast track loading program. The reactions of the crowd were quite positive, so let’s keep your fingers crossed for a good ranking of doz’ entry in the competition (the results of the compos will follow in a later news posting). You can get the demo from Pouet (don’t forget to vote) or from the download section of this page.

Live footage from the Revision 2014:

Breaking Baud Party Version
Breaking Baud Party Version
Version: v1.0
86.6 KiB

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