Apr 262011

Another new (old) game for the Amstrad CPC. Arquimedes XXI was the second try of Dinamic to write a text adventure. It was the first work of Jorge Blecua in this kind of game type and was released in 1986, but only for MSX and Spectrum – until now. Thanks to Devilmarkus, PulkoMandy, voXfReaX and MiguelSky we have now a working version for the CPC. It is available in french, spanish and english. Be sure to check it out and download it from Amstrad.es.


Jun 302010

The adventure game Orion Prime is now available as DSK images. Let’s hope to see the german version in the future, too. You can download the complete release (including manuals and DSK files) from the Orion Prime homepage and at the end of this article.

Mar 152010

Last but not least, the english and spanish packaged translations of the game Orion Prime are available for ordering. Because of the many requests, you can order the french versions again, too. The ordering will be possible until the end of April, so be fast and get your version of Orion Prime. You can pay the game with cheque or PayPal. To place your order, go to the Orion Prime website on http://op.cpcscene.com.

The german translation won’t be available as a packaged version and it’s possible that the translation will be cancelled.

Oct 282009

The adventure game Orion Prime is now available as DSK images. However currently it is just the french language version, but an english, german and spanish version is under development. You can download the DSK image from the Orion Prime homepage.

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