Aug 142009

Ok, this is something for the spanish CPC users: Artaburu started a programming blog where he mostly writes how to use CCZ80, the C compiler by Emilio Guerrero, in combination with the CPCRSlib. You can try to use the Google translation service to translate the page into english.

Oct 302008

Artaburu just released a new textadventure written in PAWS called “Nheredia”. The translation was done by voXfReaX. You can download the english version here .

538.3 KiB
May 222008

Artaburu released a new version of his utility library for the Z88dk C-compiler. Mariano the dragon was written with using this library and so it contains a lot of graphics functions, key functions, map functions, etc. You can download it from the official homepage of the CPCRslib.
In this version, Artaburu added a uncompression routine for the Exomizer compression program.

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