Aug 042016

Rhino released a new graphics tool for the Amstrad CPC called Perfect Pix. Perfect Pix supports 3 different extended graphics modes with extended colours and resolutions:

  • Mode R
    • Up to 384×272 pixels and 16 freely selectable colors from a palette of 27.
  • Mode B0
    • Up to 192×272 pixels and 136 colors from a palette of 378.
  • Mode B1
    • Up to 384×272 pixels and 307 colors, divided into color 0 + up to 34 palettes of 9 colors per line.

Perfect Pix comes with an awesome documentation (english and spanish) and of course with the source code to use the pictures in your own production. If you need graphics for your next project, be sure to have a look at it. You can download the latest version from and the CPCWiki forums.

Perfect Pix by Rhin / Batman Group


  • First release.


  • Added message if upper memory is full by too many ROMs.


  • Bug fixed in the converter exporting overscan screens.
  • More upper memory free for greater ROMs compatibility.


  • Improved controls in Paint tool by adding CONTROL + keys to move the pointer to scroll the zoom window (similar to OCP Art Studio).
  • Added warning message in the converter when source image exceeds the image size limits managed with the Paint tool.
  • Additional upper memory free for greater ROMs compatibility.


Jan 282015

The Batman Group, best known for their great demo Batman Forever, just released a small intro, which contains a scoller and music. You can download and vote for it on

Aug 042012

The 10th annual awards results were published and the Batman Group won 3 prices with their great demo “Batman Forever“. It won in the categories “Best demo on an oldschool platform”, “best technical achievement” and “public choice”. But that’s not all, they also ranked 3rd in “best graphics” and “breakthrough performance”. So a big congratulation to the Batman Group, thanks for showing what is possible to do with an Amstrad CPC and for the entertaining demo.

Here is the video of the demo again (but of course, it looks better if you watch it on the real hardware):

Mar 202011

The Batman Group released a new demo for the CPC and raised the bar for demos a lot. Well, I just watched it and I am still overwhelmed by it and guess that I have – after all those years – a new favourite CPC demo. This demo has all what you expect from a good demo: good music, a music loader (which will play the music while loading new parts of the demo), it is a trackmo, doesn’t consist of too many scrollers and features very cool effects. You should watch it in any case!

You can download the demo from However, it is always better to watch it on a real CPC!


Norecess added an interview with Rhino, the coder of the demo, to his website. Be sure to read it.


You can now also find an extensive interview with the team behind the demo on the Push’n’Pop website.

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