Mar 272009

Emilio Guerrero released a new version of his CCZ80 compiler which understands C style code and is aimed for Z80 CPUs (thanks for your message here!).

Here are the new features / bugfixes of the new version:

  • New option in compiler /include for specify paths to search include files in program.
  • Allow use labels with the operators == and !=.
  • Allow assembler undocumented instructions (using registers IXh, IXl, IYh, IYl and rotate/shift instructions).
  • If parameter of repeat command is 0 dont’t execute any loop (previous the fix, execute 65536 times).
  • Avoid runtime error in compiler when omit an element in a comma separated list (parameters by example).
  • Optimization for remove function parameters from stack, after function execution.
  • Improvements in product, division and module operations and little imprevements in code optimization.
  • Improvement in assembler source code format when use /asm option.
  • Show message when finish compilation when any error.

You can download it and get more informations about the new version on the CCZ80 homepage.

Apr 282008

CCZ80 is a compiler for C style code aimed for Z80 CPUs written by Emilio Guerrero.

New features / bugfixes:

  • Avoid specify as source file the value “”.
  • Avoid warning ‘Constant not used’ when it’s used.
  • Corrections in expressions evaluation.

You can download it and get more informations about the new version on the CCZ80 homepage.

Sep 172007

Emilio Guerrerog released a CPC Basic compiler for Windows (you need at least .NET 2.0). With this compiler you can write and compile your Basic programs on the PC for the CPC. It will generate an assembler file which you can compile e.g. in emulators like WinApe or WinCPC, which means that the compiled Basic programs will run faster, because they aren’t interpreted on the CPC.
You can download the compiler from the CPCBasic homepage (the page isn’t available in english, but there is a button to translate it).

Jul 152007

Today a brand new version of Z88dk, a Small-C cross-compiler for Z80 based computers like the Amstrad CPC, the Z88, the Spectrum, etc., was released today. You can download the new version from the Z88dk homepage.
Here are the changes of the new version:

  • Support for Newbrain, Rabbit, Sega Master System SMS, TS2068 as new targets
  • Z80asm supporting Rabbit
  • Much of the library rewritten to use FASTCALL and CALLEE linkage for faster and small library function calls
  • malloc library can now allocate from a scattered map of available RAM and supports multiple heaps
  • balloc library introduced as a block memory allocator
  • interrupt mode 2 library added
  • stdlib and strings now completely implemented in assembler and expanded
  • abstract data types library introduced initially containing linked list, heap, stack and queue
    algorithms library begun initially containing an implementation of the A* search algorithm
  • ZX Spectrum : Stefano’s ZX basic fcntl driver
  • ZX Spectrum : SP1 software sprite engine added
  • ZX Spectrum : Residos packages support
  • ZX Spectrum : Improved Spectrum library includes new display functions
  • ZX Spectrum : Input library added for direct access to keyboard, joystick and mouse devices
  • + Many more

If you are able to understand german, you can read my article about how to use Z88dk for cross-compilation with the Amstrad CPC.

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