Apr 242011

Devilmarkus released a new version of his cross-platform CDT2WAV tool. With this tool you can convert cassette images (CDT files) to a WAV file, which you can e.g. use to play with your soundcard / music player, etc. You can download it here.


  • bugfixes for the display and playback routines


Jan 132011

Devilmarkus, who is also known for his utilities and the JavaCPC emulator, released a tiny version of his Java CPC emulator which binary size is only 128kb. It was submitted to Pouet.net, but it was rejected as not being a viable production (aehm, what about this?). Anyway, you can download it directly here and discuss it in the CPCWiki forums.


  • CRTC 0 / 1 emulation
  • Accurate AY emulation
  • Digiblaster and Amdrum emulation
  • Autotype
  • CDT/CSW Tape image supported (Read only!)
  • DSK Disk image supported (Read only!)
  • Can load SNA snapshots
  • 2 Display-sizes (Doubleclick into Display to change size)


Oct 112010

Blue Angel 69 is a conversion of the strategy game with the same name by Magic Bytes. In this game you are playing on a 8×8 board field from which you have to remove fields with numbers. Your opponent tries to do the same. The points which you remove from the game will be added to your score and of course you want to achieve a higher score than your opponent. Try it – it’s fun :).
The game was written by Kevin Thacker, graphics by Markus Homann, music by Roald Strauss and cover, sticker, catalogue art by Kukulcan. You can download the game and the source code from website of Blue Angel 69.

Now some technical details: The game was written with Z88dk with the Artaburus cpcrslib. It also uses the Starkos tracker for music playback, which means that you will find the sourcecode for a music playing library for Z88dk in the source code.


Blue Angel 69
Blue Angel 69
207.4 KiB
Blue Angel 69 source code
Blue Angel 69 source code
2.4 MiB
Sep 062010

Devilmarkus released a standalone version of CPCPaint. With CPCPaint you can draw images and convert PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF into standard CPC screens. It allows you to create overscan (32k) and standard (16k) screens for the CPC. It also integrates an effect mixer with which you can handle the contrast, RGB values, brightness, etc.

You can download the tool from Devilmarkus’ website.


May 152010

Devilmarkus released another GUI for a commandline tool. This time it is CPCXfs, which can be used to transfer files between DSK images and the normal filesystem of your operating system. As the GUI only can use the Windows version of CPCXfs, the package can currently only be used under Windows. You can download CPCXfs GUI here.

Here are the features of the program:

  • Open a DSK into DF0 or DF1
  • Drag & Drop files onto your DSK and in choosen USER
  • Delete files on DSK
  • Extract files from DSK to your PC
  • Hex-edit your DSK
  • Hide/Show files on DSK (SYS)
  • Protect/Unprotect files


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