May 112010

Devilmarkus programmed and released a new Java based frontend for the disk image transfer tool SAMDisk. With SAMDisk, which was originally designed for the SAM Coupe, you can transfer your .dsk, .mgt, .img and .hdf files to real media (e.g. floppy disk and harddisk).
You can download the tool here. To start the program you have to double click the “SamDisk.jar” file – if this doesn’t work, try “Open with…” and use Java. If you have questions about the program or you want to see some features in the future, have a look at the thread about the program in the CPCWiki forum.


Mar 042010

During the last weeks there were some entries in the CPC forums where people searched for the CPC Imperium page and it’s huge page about the Amsoft software. The old address is down, but in cooperation with Devilmarkus, Pentagon, the creator of the CPC Imperium website, brought it back. So if you are looking for Amsoft software, you should browse to now. Thanks guys for bringing it back!!!

Dec 212009

CMP, Devilmarkus and Hermol released a small and nice christmas intro. Load it and have fun during the holidays :-).

You can download the intro from at the end of this article.


Xmas 2009
Xmas 2009
91.0 KiB
Oct 312009

Devilmarkus released a new version of his Java Amstrad CPC emulator called JavaCPC. You can download it from in the download section.

Changes for version 6.7:

  • Improved CRTC 0 and CRTC 1 emulation, fully emulates Registers 6 and 8
  • New feature: JavaCPC Paint allows to paint normal sized screens, convert JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF on-the-fy into CPC format
  • Realtime clock (Just for fun, not a real emulated feature, demodisk is included)
  • Performance observer to avoid low performance / bad synchro
  • You can dump cpc-ram directly into HEX-Editor now (Read-only, but saveable to PC)
  • LZH uncompression possible for YM files
  • improvements for the YM player
  • Several minor bugfixes
  • Bugfix in Autotype to avoid shift-key ignores
  • Changed colour tables for Colour monitor (Linear / Non-linear)
Java CPC
Java CPC
Version: v6.7
2.5 MiB
Sep 102009

I already wrote it some time ago: the german will be down soon. In a message on Kangaroo wrote a message, that there was nobody who wants to take over the administrator function of the board and also nobody wants to pay for it.

As a replacement Devilmarkus and Gryzor created a german section in the CPC Wiki forum. Here is the message about the creation of this section:


Hallo, Deutscher CPC-Szener!

Wie Ihr wahrscheinlich schon gemerkt habt, hat Kangaroo mal eben so das letzte
Deutschsprachige Forum gelöscht.

Er war dabei auch so nett, und hat keine Daten gespeichert, so dass ALLES verloren ist.

Solltest Du dennoch Interesse an einem Deutschsprachigen Forum haben,
erwartet dich auf ab sofort auch eine Deutsche

Wir hoffen auf rege Beteiligung und würden uns freuen, wenn die Deutsche CPC-Szene sich hier
weiter austauschen möchte.

Lieben Gruss,
Euer CPC-Wiki Team


Dear CPC-Wiki users,

As you may have noticed, Kangaroo shut down the last German language CPC-related forum, And not only that, but he also says that the data is lost…

If you’re still interested in a German-speaking forum, seeing as it was quite active, we created such a forum on

We hope for your active participation and really we would be very glad if the German CPC-scene found a new home here, at least until and if another solution is found.

The CPCWiki forum Team.

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