Oct 302012

TFM released a new version of his FutureOS. Besides some updates, the new version contains a new graphical user interface, called SPARtan, which only shows the icons you can use at the current state of the system. To activate it, you need to use the new “Config OS” utility. The new system and the config utility can be downloaded from the FutureOS homepage.


Nov 172011

TFM released the manual of his FutureOS in Word format (docx), which means that you can now read it on your PC. Thanks to MacDeath it is also available in  the PDF format. You can download the manual from http://www.futureos.de and the PDF conversion from the CPC Wiki forum.

Sep 292011

TFM just released, as promised, a single version of his ROMManager for the Megaflash ROM interface and the Symbiface II . He also added the Inicron ROMBooster to the ROM, so you can now directly use up to 32 ROMs without installing the ROMBooster in ROM no. 15. You can download it from TFMs homepage http://www.futureos.de (in the download section). You can discuss the latest version or report errors in the CPCWiki forums.

Sep 032011

TFM released the first official version of the ROManager application for the MegaFlash from Bryce. After a long phase of testing by SyX the ROMananger in version 1.35 is now capable to perform the following tasks:

  • Park or Unpark a ROM
  • Clear a ROM
  • Copy, swap or shift ROMs
  • Test a ROM for name, version number and checksum.
  • Adapt a ROM checksum
  • ROMs can be loaded from disc or saved to disc.

There are versions for Basic (either from disc or ROM redident) or for FutureOS. The Basic version can work with different drives and OSs. The ROM resident version needs  32 KB, which equals two ROMs. A version which only needs one ROM is under development.

The ROManager including all source codes can be downloaded at: http://www.FutureOS.de


Aug 162010

TFM released a new version of his video compression tool Filmemacher (german for ‘Moviemaker’). With Filmemacher you can compress 17kb screen and display them with up to 50fps. You can download the actual version of the program from http://www.futureos.de.


  • Application now updated and adapted for FutureOS system .8 or higher
  • Memory-Management is enhanced, up to 512 KB E-RAM will be fully used
  • Debugging (has still to be enhanced in the next version)
  • Interface for German, English and French language
  • Application needs a CPC with at least 208 KB RAM.
  • The generated CoData movie can now compress 1364 single pictures (511 in last version)
  • Application runs best on Class 4 CPC or higher.


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