Aug 242009

You already saw the posting about the CPC WIki which I posted some weeks ago. Now Gryzor informed me in one of the comments that the Wiki is now fully back online, which means: You can now edit articles safely again :-).

The Wiki is now available under the address or

Aug 102009

I already posted it in a previous article, that there won’t be any sponsoring for the CPC Wiki anymore, so Gryzor put the CPC Wiki “on vacation” during his own vacation. After he is back, he tries to find a solution. Until then, at least the CPC Wiki forums are online on a new webspace which was kindly donated by Devilmarkus. You can still login with your CPC Wiki account data.

The new location for the forum is See you there…

UPDATE: Devilmarkus wrote in the new forums that the Wiki is back online, too. You can access it under I will update this news article if I hear anything new about the current situation.

UPDATE2: Please wait with editing in the CPC Wiki until Gryzor is back and decides what to do next. The current version is currently just a backup.

Mar 072009

Some hours ago I got a message from Gryzor who wrote that the CPCWiki will now act temporarily as a replacement forum for CPCZone forum. So if you haven’t registered yet and you are missing an english CPC forum, go to the CPCWiki forums and start a discussion :-).

And that’s Gryzors message:

Hello dear CPC users,

This is to let you know that since the (hopefully temporary) demise of the CPCZone main site and forum,
and in order to not lose a meeting point, new fora have been created in the CPCWiki board system. This
will allow us, hopefully, to continue discussing and keep in touch.

aka Themistocles

Aug 102006

For those who didn’t noticed it… We now have a brand new Wiki where you can put all your CPC stuff and knowledge in. During the last days, Prodatron, Kangaroo and me were working very hard to get a lot of information about the german scene into it, but that means that it is currently focused on the german scene. This means: WE NEED YOUR HELP to improve the international content in the Wiki (which don’t means that german users shoudln’t add their infos :-). So if you know anything about the CPC (historic information, people of the scene, programming techniques, game reviews, game company infos or you want to add pictures) then don’t hesitate and visit the CPC Wiki .

Btw, on the bottom of this page you can find a small bar, which you can  find on the contribute page of the Wiki. If you want to support the Wiki, please add the HTML code from the page to you website and add your website to the contribute page .

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