Oct 272011

Norecess decided to release his self-developed IDE, which he uses to create programs and demos for the Amstrad CPC (e.g. his demo Phreaks or the command shell QuickCMD). So you now can have a look at it and use it, if you want, for your own productions (read the dedicated thread in the CPC Wiki forums on how to use the IDE). But be aware that he won’t give you support for the program! You can download it from Norecess’ homepage.

CPC related plugins of the IDE:

  • CPCBigFile: embeed a set of resources into multiple small files (such as BANK.C4, BANK.C5, etc.) to be put later inside a DSK CPC image file. Additionally to that, a description file is outputted so the position/size in memory of each files can be easily retreived later.
  • CPCBinToC: convert a binary resource into a C file
  • CPCBitmap: convert a bitmap resource to CPC format, multiple conversion options are available
  • CPCDSK: inject resources into a DSK CPC image file. Internally makes use of excellent ManageDSK tool. Each resources in the DSK can be edited, cf. execution address etc.
  • CPCPacker: compress a set of resources. Exomizer or BitBuster can be choosen.
  • CPCRawBitmap: convert a bitmap resource to a custom RAW data format. It has been used by example with Phreaks demo to convert all frames into a single large array of data.
  • CPCText: outputs RAW data from an edited text in UI. User has to provide charset (font).
  • HexEdit: simple hexadecimal editor. Default viewer for unknown file-types.
  • ImageEdit: simple image viewer
  • SDCC: compiler for C/ASM files (makes use of SDCC2Pasmo utility to use Maxam’s syntax in assembly source-code)
  • PixelCalculator: useful tool which helped me a lot to compute pixel masking in MODE 0
  • SourceEdit: source editor, internally based on excellent Scite editor
Sep 182011

Norecess released a new version of his shell-like user interface and improved it even more. You can download it, as always, from Norecess’ homepage.


  • Added support for Bryce’s MegaFlash
  • Renamed RO and RW commands to READONLY and READWRITE
  • Removed CRTC command
  • Reset screen to QuickCMD’s default if external RSX changed video mode
  • DELROM now clears a rom with &FF value (was using &00)
  • Fixed: was overwriting first byte after HIMEM
  • Fixed: not assuming anymore than Amsdos area is always at &A700
Sep 042011

I updated my Code::blocks (a powerfull open source development environment) template, which allows you to compile the “Hello world!” example of Norecess’ SDCC tutorial. The main changes are the update of SDCC2Pasmo and ManageDSK to the latest version. I also added an example file ‘defines.h’ which shows how to create multi-line assembler defines. I also defined the BREAKPOINT keyword, which you can add in your source code. WinApe will automatically start its debugger if it has to execute this byte sequence. You can download it from Norecess’ website and at the end of this post.


  • added SDCC2Pasmo v1.5
  • added ManageDSK v0.20
  • added defines.h to show definition of multi-line assembler definitions
  • added example BREAKPOINT (for WinApe breakpoints) and MODE definitions
Code::Blocks CPC SDCC template v1.2
Code::Blocks CPC SDCC template v1.2
Version: v1.2
412.2 KiB
Jul 232011

Wow, what a fast update: right after the release of QuickCMD v2.0, Norecess released a new version of his shell-like user interface and improved it even more. You can download it, as always, from Norecess’ homepage.


  • Correctly handles missing disc in drive for all commands
  • PUTROM command now checks for BINARY file-type and displays information about the file to be put on RAMCARD
  • DELROM command added to clear a ROM location
  • DIR (and derivatives) now correctly reports file sizes for double-sided formats (Parados 80, etc)
  • RSX command now accepts integer values (decimal and hexadecimal)
  • RSX command now accepts quote " " for string-typed values (this allows to get space characters in strings by example)
  • Internal code refactoring for smaller memory footprint
Jul 192011

Nearly a month ago Norecess released a new utility program called QuickCMD v1.0. Now, a month later, he released a new version of his tool, which is a complete rewrite. It now directly runs as a ROM instead of being copied into RAM before and much more. Here are the features of the new version:

  • real ROM
  • no auto-launch at startup (press CTRL+TAB to launch it)
  • DIR command now lists hidden files
  • ROM management
  • CRTC detection
  • faster
  • smaller footprint
  • PDF manual

You can read more about the history and features of QuickCMD or download it from Norecess’ homepage.

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