Mar 012009

Maybe you already noticed it while you are watching this page: I have updated my website. The main reason was that I wasn’t very happy with Joomla during the last months. Yes, it has a lot of features, but it was the old version (1.5) and I didn’t want to update to a 2.x version. The user interface isn’t very friendly to me, if I compare it to WordPress, which I use for my weblog and I have no offline writer for it – which I have for WordPress. Another reason was that I wanted to unify the systems which I use and so I decided to migrate my old Joomla website to WordPress and you can now see the results here.
Well, I don’t want to bore you with details so have fun reading the news, maybe leave a comment and inform me (use "Contact") if you know anything which is missing here.

P.S.: I currently have dropped the meeting gallery and some of the old articles. Currently I am not sure if I shall bring them back.

Feb 072008

It took a while, but now my pictures from the Mittwintermeeting 2008, which was held by Dr.Zed in Kirchen / Germany from 11.1.-13.1.2008, are now online. As always you can find them in the “Meeting gallery” under “Amstrad CPC” in the menu on the left side.

Mar 302007

A new german CPC forum started yesterday and shall become a replacement for the big CPC forum at the CPC forever website. The maintainer tries to sell the whole website as he doesn’t have time to develop it in the future which means that another very big german CPC site will close it’s doors in the near future. Thanks to KangarooMusique and his company CMO, we will host this forum as long as possible :-).
So if you understand german, go to the new forum, register yourself and help to start interesting discussions.

Aug 102006

For those who didn’t noticed it… We now have a brand new Wiki where you can put all your CPC stuff and knowledge in. During the last days, Prodatron, Kangaroo and me were working very hard to get a lot of information about the german scene into it, but that means that it is currently focused on the german scene. This means: WE NEED YOUR HELP to improve the international content in the Wiki (which don’t means that german users shoudln’t add their infos :-). So if you know anything about the CPC (historic information, people of the scene, programming techniques, game reviews, game company infos or you want to add pictures) then don’t hesitate and visit the CPC Wiki .

Btw, on the bottom of this page you can find a small bar, which you can  find on the contribute page of the Wiki. If you want to support the Wiki, please add the HTML code from the page to you website and add your website to the contribute page .

Aug 072006

Phew, after a loooooooong time, I managed to update my homepage and installed a new content management system on it. Currently, this homepage contains nearly the same contents like the old one, but I added my german articles, which were published on and in the papermag “CPC forever”. I removed the old contents about the TTL version of the IDE interface and the sound sampler, because they really got obsolet today.

Hopefully I can add a lot of more content soon (I already have some sections in my mind, but I am not sure if I have enough time) which means that I no longer will provide a CPC only homepage.

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