Sep 022014

Prodatron just released the final version of SymbOS 2.1, his multitasking and multiplatform operating system for the Amstrad CPC, Amstrad PCW and MSX. Again, the changelist is long, so be sure to download the latest version and check the new features by yourself. You can download it from the SymbOS download page. You can discuss the new version on the CPCWiki forums as well.



  • New multiline textinput control: The most complex control of the desktop manager has the functionality of a small text editor and is an exact copy of modern textedit-boxes. It supports features like auto-word-wrapping, support of any proportional fonts and colours, unlimited line length, text marking, copy & paste etc.
  • Improved singleline textinput control: This control has been optimized a lot and is now based on the new code of the multiline control. Editing is faster and doesn’t flicker anymore.
  • Interbank calls: The same application can now place code in multiple 64K banks and use the new interbank calls of the kernel to switch between the code areas in an easy and transparent way.
  • 64K cluster support: While the official specification of the FAT filesystem doesn’t allow clusters with sizes larger 32KB, SymbOS is now also able to handle FAT16 and FAT32 partitions with 64K clusters.
  • Settings autosave: Changes of the system settings will now be autosaved on shut down or when closing the control panel. This is optional.
  • Preselected system path: The file dialogue will preselect the system path, if no drive and path is specified
  • Direct low level sector access: The file manager now provides direct access to its low level sector read and write functions for the applications.
  • Optimized memory allocation: When an application is loaded the system now tries different ways of memory allocation. This minimizes the wasting of fragmented memory areas and makes it possible still to load programs even if the memory is nearly full.
  • Improved SymShell: The textoutput in fullscreen mode is again 20% faster. The TYPE command has been debugged.
  • and last but not least: a new nice looking system font

New applications (you can get them on the download page):

  • Notepad: With the availability of the new multiline textinput control a Notepad clone is now reality in SymbOS as well. It provides nearly the whole functionality of its Windows counterpart including search and replace, different formatting options and multiple font selection.
  • Conways Game Of Life: This application was mainly developed to demonstrate the multi threading ability in the multitasking environment of SymbOS. It also contains a library with hundrets of objects and supports all combinations of alternative cell rules.
  • 4-In-A-Row: The first official released SymStudio application has been developed by Edoz. It is the well known game “4-in-a-row”, which is developed 100% in SymBasic and is now available for SymbOS.
  • Tetris 2014: Tetris is another example that developing SymBasic-based applications and games with SymStudio is truly possible and easy to do. This second more advanced game by Edoz brings this classic to SymbOS.
Jan 262013

I guess I am a bit late with this news, but it went below my radar Smiley. Well, Prodatron released a preview version of SymbOS 2.1, which now features a Notepad control and Conways Game of Life. You can download it from the SymbOS homepage.

Conways Game of Life:




Dec 072009

A new batch (25 pieces) of [[SYMBiFACE II | Symbiface II]] interfaces for the Amstrad CPC is now available for ordering. If you are interested you can send a mail to Prodatron: (you need JavaScript to see the mail address).

The Symbiface II is the ultimate extension for your CPC:

  • IDE interface (to connect a harddisk to the CPC)
  • 512kb RAM expansion
  • 512kb rewriteable ROM
  • PS/2 mouse connector
  • Real-time clock

Be quick to get one :-).

Sep 102007

Prodatron received the remaining Symbiface II cards from Dr.Zed so ordering a Symbiface II card is now possible. He will set up an order form on the Symbiface II homepage. Until it is set up, you can also directly order it from him per email.

Jul 252007

Today, Prodatron announces that the second Symbiface II batch is in production and will be finished until the end of next week. You will be able to order it after the completion of the second batch. Here is Prodatron’s message from the SymbOS mailinglist:

Hi again,

I am glad to be able to announce, that the missing SYMBiFACE II cards
of the second batch will be finished soon. Several people already got
their new cards during the last weeks, and a few other pre-orders have
been served, too.
The remaining pieces of the 2nd batch will be produced during the next
month and can be ordered then.

Please note:
– some incorrect information about a higher price have been published,
but the price didn’t change and is still 120 Euros (shipping costs
– same source mentioned a so-called “CPC-IDE II” several times. Such a
thing has never been produced and doesn’t exist, so you can ignore
this misinformation, too.
– we hope to have a first full-featured exemplar of the SYMBiFACE 3
card finished in december. As already told on the RetroEuskal 2007,
this card will include at least the ethernet module with an onboard
TCP/IP stack, an MP3 decoder and a quite powerful USB controller.


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