Sep 032011

TFM released the first official version of the ROManager application for the MegaFlash from Bryce. After a long phase of testing by SyX the ROMananger in version 1.35 is now capable to perform the following tasks:

  • Park or Unpark a ROM
  • Clear a ROM
  • Copy, swap or shift ROMs
  • Test a ROM for name, version number and checksum.
  • Adapt a ROM checksum
  • ROMs can be loaded from disc or saved to disc.

There are versions for Basic (either from disc or ROM redident) or for FutureOS. The Basic version can work with different drives and OSs. The ROM resident version needs  32 KB, which equals two ROMs. A version which only needs one ROM is under development.

The ROManager including all source codes can be downloaded at:


Aug 052011

Finally the newest hardware release for the CPC is there: The MegaFlash. It is a ROM box, created by Bryce, which contains 512KB flash memory, which means that you can program it directly with your CPC. It is similar to the ROM-RAM-Box by the Inicrons, the RAM-Card by RAM7 or the SYMBiFACE II by Dr.Zed (only the ROM part). You can now store ROM software like the Starkos tracker, Maxam, Protext, etc. in it.
If you want to order such a device, be quick (only a few devices are left) and send Bryce a personal message in the CPC Wiki forum.

[UPDATE:] Sorry, I totally forgot to write about the software you need to program the MegaFlash ROM box. The box can be programmed with the MegaFlashROManager by TFM which is available for Basic and FutureOS. Thanks for your comment, TFM!


Jul 232011

Wow, what a fast update: right after the release of QuickCMD v2.0, Norecess released a new version of his shell-like user interface and improved it even more. You can download it, as always, from Norecess’ homepage.


  • Correctly handles missing disc in drive for all commands
  • PUTROM command now checks for BINARY file-type and displays information about the file to be put on RAMCARD
  • DELROM command added to clear a ROM location
  • DIR (and derivatives) now correctly reports file sizes for double-sided formats (Parados 80, etc)
  • RSX command now accepts integer values (decimal and hexadecimal)
  • RSX command now accepts quote " " for string-typed values (this allows to get space characters in strings by example)
  • Internal code refactoring for smaller memory footprint
Jul 192011

Nearly a month ago Norecess released a new utility program called QuickCMD v1.0. Now, a month later, he released a new version of his tool, which is a complete rewrite. It now directly runs as a ROM instead of being copied into RAM before and much more. Here are the features of the new version:

  • real ROM
  • no auto-launch at startup (press CTRL+TAB to launch it)
  • DIR command now lists hidden files
  • ROM management
  • CRTC detection
  • faster
  • smaller footprint
  • PDF manual

You can read more about the history and features of QuickCMD or download it from Norecess’ homepage.

Jun 222011

Norecess released another handy utility which makes your work with the CPC easier. It is a command line shell, which helps you to start your programs faster, speeds up the screen output, autocompletion and much, much more. It is possible to put QuickCMD into a ROM, into your HxC floppy emulator or just run it from disk. You can download it from Norecess’ homepage.

And this is the complete feature list:

  • a really fast text output (really appreciated for discs containing lots of files)
  • no need to type RUN" prefix anymore, simply typing a filename is required to execute a file
  • faster approach to execute a file : even if the pattern Shift+Arrows + copy/paste a filename + Control+LeftArrow + Control+Enter is handy to fast-launch files after a CAT command, I found myself more efficient to uniquely deal with program’s filename
  • autocompletion : just type F then I letters then TAB key; if FILENAME.BIN exists on disc then it will be automatically completed!
  • fully compatible with the system : you can launch BASIC as BINARY files the same way, you can quit to BASIC then getting back to QuickCMD, DIR command also supports Cat’Art, etc.
  • extensible command system : instead of type a filename to launch, you can also specify a Resident System eXtension (RSX)! By example, to launch HxC Floppy Emulator Manager, instead of getting back to BASIC and type |HXC, you just have to enter HXC as any other command. Parameters are also supported, so by example you can use default REN command or Arnor UTOPIA’s COPY commands!
  • respect the system: if an external command use the classic char output routine (&BB5A), then its output will be merged to QuickCMD’s user interface. This is possible thanks to usage of hardware scrolling provided by the system.
  • handy shortcuts: pressing two times TAB key acts as a DIR, ESC two times acts as a quick exit to BASIC, etc.
  • history management! It’s working like MSDOS’s DOSKEY does (use up/down keys)
  • auto-launch. When QuickCMD is installed on your system, it will get launched automatically after all other ROMs will get properly initialized
  • not intruisive: credits are voluntary kept hidden behind ABOUT command; the aim is to provide a neutral program, not a front-end for personal advertising or whatever
  • clean, efficient and simple Z80 implementation using a mix of C and assembly programming language


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