Jul 122010

During the development process of a ROManager application for Amsdos TFM debugged and updated the corresponding FutureOS versions. And because July 12 is his birthday, you can get version 1.17 now as a birthday present 🙂 The updates can be downloaded at http://www.FutureOS.de.

Jun 012007

TFM released a new version of his ROMManager for FutureOS which currently supports only the Symbiface II, but other hardware might follow (e.g. Inicron ROMRAMBox).
This are the features of the program:

  • backup / restore all 32 pseudo ROMS
  • copy, move, swap a ROM
  • clear, test a ROM
  • internationalization: english, french, spanish, netherlands and german

You can download the new version from the FutureOS YahooGroup (you need a login to download it).

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