Jul 092016

Developing a beat’em up game for the Amstrad CPC in one weekend? Impossible! Impossible? Well, Francisco Gallego, Alberto Gonzalez and Jon Cortazar proved during the BitBitJam #3 that it is possible and released their game Kung Fu Guns now. In the game you play Sheriff Melissa Chase, who has to fight against a new chinese gang. It is a simple beat’em up with 2 levels finished, but they are thinking about evolving the idea and release a full game later. The game was developed with the great CPCtelera game development framework.

You can download Kung Fu Guns at the end of the news or from the BitBitJam #3 page. The latest version of the game is also available on GitHub.

Kung Fu Guns
Kung Fu Guns
2.7 MiB
Nov 092012

Ha… you thought the plasma week is over? – Nope Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund! Overflow, who just released his “Yet another plasma” demo some days ago, wrote a small technical explanation on how to create a rasterline-plasma and posted it on the CPCWiki forums. So if you are interested on how to develop a smooth plasma effect for the Amstrad CPC, that’s the way to go.


Jul 282010

Kevin Thacker released a new version of his 2cdt utility. With 2cdt, which is a command-line utility, it is possible to transfer files directly into a cdt tape image file.


  • Baud rate calculation fixed
  • Set/override load address
  • Set/override execution address
  • Set/override type
  • Define pause at start of file (length now can be defined)
  • Add extra block for bad arnold emulator which skips first block  (old version)
  • Spectrum ROM loader (I use this for my tape games)
  • Set name of file on tape

The ZIP file contains the Windows version and the source code to compile it under Linux. You can download it here.

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