Jul 252007

Today, Prodatron announces that the second Symbiface II batch is in production and will be finished until the end of next week. You will be able to order it after the completion of the second batch. Here is Prodatron’s message from the SymbOS mailinglist:

Hi again,

I am glad to be able to announce, that the missing SYMBiFACE II cards
of the second batch will be finished soon. Several people already got
their new cards during the last weeks, and a few other pre-orders have
been served, too.
The remaining pieces of the 2nd batch will be produced during the next
month and can be ordered then.

Please note:
– some incorrect information about a higher price have been published,
but the price didn’t change and is still 120 Euros (shipping costs
– same source mentioned a so-called “CPC-IDE II” several times. Such a
thing has never been produced and doesn’t exist, so you can ignore
this misinformation, too.
– we hope to have a first full-featured exemplar of the SYMBiFACE 3
card finished in december. As already told on the RetroEuskal 2007,
this card will include at least the ethernet module with an onboard
TCP/IP stack, an MP3 decoder and a quite powerful USB controller.


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