Mar 022015

Madram, Drill and Hicks were working on a new assembler called ORGAMS for the Amstrad CPC and have just released the first version of it. ORGAMS is a ROM based assembler (use it with the great X-MEM by TotO) and is loosley based on DAMS / Turbo Assembler because the authors are using those assemblers. You can discuss the features or ask for help in the dedicated thread in the Push’n’Pop forum. If you understand french, you can also check out the Orgams Wiki. The latest version of the assembler can be downloaded here.


Jan 162014

After 26 years Bruce Abbott finished his port of the Sinclair Spectrum assembler CHAMP for the Amstrad CPC. CHAMP is an assembler, debugger and monitor, which was useable for the Commodore 64, Sinclair Spectrum and BBC micro. He also enhanced the assembler with some interesting features:

  • ROM resident for smaller memory footprint, faster loading and protection from corruption
  • Source code checked for corruption after quitting and re-entering the assembler
  • Accesses up to 512K RAM. Assembler can create object code in expanded memory. Debugger can read from one bank and write to another, load/save files to/from expansion RAM etc.
  • Debugger can read upper ROMs
  • Execute RSX commands from within the debugger
  • Faster scrolling of text in assembler, some other speedups
  • Automatic conversion of keywords from lower case to upper case
  • Uses left-hand side of Mode 2 screen. Right-hand side is available for displaying system messages or user program output
  • Right-hand window is also used to display Help text on startup

You can download and get more information about CHAMP for the Amstrad CPC in the CPCWiki forum thread.



CHAMP trace hello world

Nov 092012

Ha… you thought the plasma week is over? – Nope Smiley mit geöffnetem Mund! Overflow, who just released his “Yet another plasma” demo some days ago, wrote a small technical explanation on how to create a rasterline-plasma and posted it on the CPCWiki forums. So if you are interested on how to develop a smooth plasma effect for the Amstrad CPC, that’s the way to go.


Mar 182012

Optimus of Dirty Minds released the final version of his Wolfenstrad demo (graphics by Voxfreax and music by Sice). It features a raycasting engine like in the good old id Software ego shooter. You can also move manually in the labyrinth. Wolfenstrad was developed in a mix of SDCC C code and Z80 assembly. Be sure to download it and vote for it on

You can download it from its Pouet page and at the end of this news.


24.5 KiB
Mar 032012

Mochilote wrote some tutorials on how to write applications for the Amstrad CPC. In his tutorials he uses different technologies, e.g. he explains how to use the Z88dk C compiler, the SDCC C compiler or the Pasmo Z80 assembler. All tutorials are available in english and in spanish. In the new section of his homepage you currently find the following tutorials:

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