Feb 022017

The first competition of the year in which you can participate is clearly the BASIC 10Liners competition for all 8bit computers with line oriented BASIC dialects. In 2011 and 2013 the contest was an internal competiton of the retro computer meeting NOMAM in Lübeck / Germany, but a lot of contributions came from all around the world in 2014 and only one was produced live on the meeting. So if you are able to develop a BASIC program for one of the allowed systems, you can submit your contribution (deadline 22nd April 2017):


  • All 8bit computer systems

Authorized BASIC dialects:

  • All line oriented BASIC dialects

You will find more information about the contest on the BASIC 10Liners competition homepage (scroll down for the english translation). You can also have a look at the results of the last year.

Dec 212016

Nibiru is a new game for the Amstrad CPC written with the Locomotive BASIC extension 8BP (= 8 bits of power) by Jose Javier Garcia Aranda. Nibiru is a side-scrolling action game in the tradition of games like R-Type or Nemesis. You can download the game from the authors GitHub repository (you will also find the source code there) or at the end of this page.


190.2 KiB
Jul 042016

“The caves of camelot are controlled by a devious dragon. No one has beend ablte to stop his reign of horror. His traps seems impossible to pass in order to confront him. Who will be able to stop him?” – This is the intro of a new puzzle game written by Morri, which was inspired by the old “Black Dude” calculator game. You have to move boxes to get around obstacles and collect a key to leave the level.
The whole game is written in BASIC and it was planned to send it to the CPCRetroGameDev for the BASIC competition, but unfortunately there were some trouble to port it back to the Amstrad CPC 464 (so it obviously only runs on the Amstrad CPC 664 and the Amstrad CPC 6128). In my opinion it would have been a game with good chances to win the BASIC competition.
Anyway, Morri released it and you should definitively have a look at and see what’s possible with just plan BASIC on the Amstrad CPC. You can download it at the end of this page or from the CPCWiki forums.

Coolbox - gameplayCoolbox - Instructions screen



12.3 KiB
Jun 212016


Great news for all the developers who participate in the CPCRetroDev 2016 development contest this year: the Oliver Twins, well-knows for producing a lot of CPC games, will join the jury for judging the entries and give feedback to the participants. They also will participate at the pricegiving ceremony at the University of Alicante to personally hand over the prices.
You can fin

d more details on the CPCRetroDev homepage.

There is still enough time left to develop your game for the CPCRetroDev contest, so start developing your awesome game… now :-)!

May 082015

The BASIC tenliners contest is over for a while now and so it is time to have a look at the results. There were 3 submissions related to the Amstrad CPC by Devilmarkus (Micronoid), EgoTrip (Bounce) and Corpiano (SOS Aereo) and lots of other BASIC tenliners for other computer systems such as the Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Atari 8-bit. So here are the final results for the three categories:


  1. Carrera 3D (9.30)
  2. Cemetry Chase (8.50)
  3. Pear Picker on Ice (8.30)
  4. F*ck-Man (7.78)
  5. Mini-Breakout (6.50)
  6. Maze (6.20)
  7. Virtual Invaders 10% (6.10)
  8. Bad Square Swarm (5.89)
  9. Navigator (5.70)
  10. Stay Alive (5.56)
  11. Racer (5.50)
  12. Glider Fight (5.50)
  13. Mini Break (5.30)
  14. Joy Joy Revolution (5.20)
  15. Apple Max (5.10)
  16. Olympics 6502 (4.80)
  17. Schifoan (4.78)
  18. Re-Action (4.10)
  19. Ringtoss (4.00)
  20. Get (3.90)
  21. Simon (3.70)
  22. Overtake (3.67)
  23. Air-Threat (3.60)
  24. Magic Cards (3.50)
  25. Hangman (3.20)
  26. Chase (3.11)
  27. Procrastination (3.10)
  28. Hearts & Bullets (2.80)
    SOS Aereo (2.80)
  29. Flappy Dot (2.78)
  30. K1nderc0mp (1.60)


  1. Broad’s Revenge (9.50)
  2. SlideTen (9.20)
  3. can MaP (8.00)
  4. 3peak x 10lines (7.90)
    Run Little Man (7.90)
  5. Bounce (6.20)
  6. Micronoid (5.56)
  7. Walls 10% (3.90)


  1. Menu (3.0)

You can get more information about the competition and download the different entries from the BASIC tenliner competition homepage.

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