Mar 152014

Norecess released the source code of his demo Phortem and his development environment for the Amstrad CPC called Phactory. Both projects are not maintained anymore, so if someone is interested to take over… :-). You will also find Ceds graphics and Arnoldemus track loader in Phortem.

You can download the source code from Norecess’ website.


Phortem by Condense


Phactory by Norecess

Aug 262013

Norecess released a new and fully rewritten version of his HxC Floppy Emulator Manager. It contains a new user interface, better support for the HxC floppy emulator, some critical bug fixes and the possibility to exit to BASIC. If you already own a HxC floppy emulator, this tool is a must have for you. You can download it from Norecess homepage.


  • completely rewritten using Phactory IDE
  • compiled against latest SDCC 3.X (was 2.X)
  • new user interface (thanks Ced!)
  • added better support of HxC device (detection, release..)
  • returns to BASIC instead of resetting the machine


Jun 092013

Condense released a new demo called Phortem. It contains very nice effects, very colourful pixel art (and a lot of them), trackmo style, great transitions and a music loader. They also detect if you use an Amstrad Plus and choose another colour palette for it. Watch it on real hardware – if possible. You can download it from (don’t forget to vote) and at the end of this posting.

Amstrad Plus version:

Phortem by Condense
Phortem by Condense
1.4 MiB
Feb 262012

Norecess released an update to his nice utility which makes it possible to use the Pasmo assembler instead of the in SDCC included ASZ80 assembler. This allows you to use a more familiar (Maxam style) assembly syntax. You can download it from Norecess’ homepage. You can also find my SDCC example project for the Code:Blocks IDE and a small coding tutorial on his page, too.


  • Bugfix for IX / IY register handling.

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