My CPC hardware

My Amstrad CPC 464 The CPC464 was the first computer I got. I know that we went to a store and I always want to get a Commodore C64 but the price of the 464 was much better… thanks god :-)! Currently I have two of them, the first one I bought with my parents and the other one which I got from a friend, but the second one is broken.
My CPC 664 I got the 664 from Kangaroo Musique (THANKS!!!) with a broken keyboard which I could fix after I won an eBay auction =). After cleaning it from the dust inside it is now possible to see the mainboard again.
My CPC 6128 Currently I have two 6128 and both are modified in some way (usual switches – ABBA, etc.). One of them I bought long time ago via the “Computer Flohmarkt”, which was a german magazine and the other one I got two years ago from a friend who want to put it on the trash.
My CPC 6128 Plus After I won an eBay auction I am now a proud user of a french CPC 6128 Plus. Not much to say about it, but I wish I had a normal keyboard layout ;).
My GX4000 This is the CPC game console – the GX4000. I just got it – like my 6128+ – by an auction on eBay. The game on the left side of the console is Switchblade.
DDI1 The standard disc drive for a 464. I currently own two of those devices, but one is currently not working (it just needs a drive belt – not a big problem).
C64GS Hmm, on retro computer parties I often get into trouble with this device. In the early 90s there was the possibility to get the case of a C64GS (C64 Game System) for a very cheap price so I bought one and put a 3.5″ disc drive, a PSU, VN96 and a Digiblaster into it. Nearly every Commodore user tries to kill me because of that ;-).
514drive Well, another strange device. It is a 5 1/4″ disc drive with a power supply put into a disc box. I heavily used it when I just had the 464 and no 6128, because the 5 1/4″ discs were much cheaper then the 3″ ones.
Vortex disc drive I am sure you know this two devices builded by Vortex… I got those two 5.25″ drives very late and never used them often.
Fujitsu dot matrix printer This is a dot matrix printer I got from a friend when he wanted to throw his CPC stuff on the trash. I never used it, because there are now better ways to print something :). When I started with the CPC I had a Star Gemini dot matrix printer.
Rombo ROM box On XzentriX 2004 Mr. AMS gave me his rombox and so I own it now. As you can see it currently contains Arnor MAXAM and Prowort. I will add some other ROMs when my EPROM programmer will arrive… THANKS Mr. AMS!!!
Dobbertin 512kb RAM box I got this Dobbertin RAM expansion from eBay with 64k expansion memory. After I got it I searched for an electronic store where I could buy extra RAM to enhance it to 512k. Updating it wasn’t very hard ;-).
Relais card It is interesting what you find in your cellar if you are searching for old CPC stuff… This 7bit relais card was my first project for many reasons. It was the first board which I corrode by myself and it was the first project for the CPC. The card was used to control my LEGO robots when I was 10 years old =).
GMX mouse adapter This was the second project in the line and it was used to connect a GMX mouse to the CPCs joystick port. I don’t know where I left the mouse so it is now very useless.
Scanner This is a scanner similar to the Dartscanner for the CPC. It worked fine, but since I am not good in mechanics I never managed to mount it perfectly on my Star printer (problem was the round print head), plus: I lost the software I wrote for it.
It was possible to scan with 4 colors.
Digiblaster This is the CPC Digiblaster I builded for my 464. Since I am only using my 6128 now I use the Digiblaster which I put into the C64GS.
RGB to SCART adapter This is a RGB to Scart converter which I builded from the schematics in a german CPC magazine.
CPCAI RS232 interface This is a serial interface which was published in the same german CPC magazine like the RGB-Scart converter. It is possible to use up to 19200bps, but you have to poll it via software which means that you never can use this bitrate… On the other hand the designers just forgot to connect interrupt of the device to the CPC, so it could be possible to speed it up.
I wrote a driver for CPC/IP to use this interface with it.
CPC Booster I also own this CPC Booster which was created by Antitec of Dirty Minds. It is a very nice device with the possibility to sample and play 8bit digital sound and has also a highspeed serial connection. Antitec is currently creating a new version of this device, so you may be interested to visit the Dirty Minds homepage.
CPC Booster+ This is the update of Antitec’s great CPC Booster, the CPC Booster+. It is based on a newer and cheaper microcontroller and instead of two RS232 interfaces it features one RS232 interface and one connector for the RS485 network. With the Arkos ROM it is a very usefull hardware device for software developers.

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  1. could you please send me a schematic for a simple I/O interface for the cpc 464.. I dont know how the address decoder has to be made..thank you for any help you can give to me.

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