Dec 232008

You remember the old CPC Reunion meetings (2001 and 2002)? If not: it is a meeting for all former active and active CPC users. Everybody is invited to come to the meeting and it would be great to see some non-german sceners like on the old meetings there, too. The party will take place from 29.-31. May 2009 in Erlangen / Germany.
During that time the “Bergkirchweih” will be held in Erlangen, too, so expect that we will visit it.
You can get more information on the official CPC Reunion 2009 meeting homepage. Btw, after the party on 2001 Brainblaster and Kangaroo tried to sell my disk box on eBay (I forgot it on the party).

Dec 192008

Tom & Jerry / GPA released an adaption of the text adventure “Le Crime du Parking” from the Apple II. As it is a french game I can’t tell you more about it. You can download it from Tom & Jerrys homepage .

Le Crime Du Parking
Le Crime Du Parking
153.6 KiB
Dec 062008

Devilmarkus released a X-mas edition of his Java CPC emulator. You can download it on in the download section.

Here are the features of the new version:

  • You can show the currently used CPC palette
  • Better import for CPC files
  • Direct import for binary or BASIC files (with and without AMSDOS header)
  • You can directly export the CPC screen (16k – &C000 – &FFFF), the palette will be saved as .PAL file
  • ‘Poke Memory’ function to set memory addresses
  • Better Snapshot support: you can now save and load 64k, 128k, 256k and 512k snapshots
  • Better ‘Save screenshot’ function
  • The floppy status is shown in the menubar
  • …and much more

JavaCPC 6.0 - X-max edition

Nov 292008

Devilmarkus released a new version of his Java CPC emulator. You can download it on in the download section.

Here are the features of the new version:

  • Added a JavaCPC expansion rom (Please read info from menu or type |INFO when ROM is enabled)
  • Saving of 64k and 128k snapshots
  • Internal hex-editor (as tool)
  • Import of ASCII files direct to emulator
  • Import of binary files (without AMSDOS header) directly to RAM
  • New method to save screenshots (Now the real screen-content is saved)
  • Changed all file-choosers to faster ones
  • JavaCPC can show now the actual INKs palette
  • VU-meter added to advanced options & on the display if OSD is enabled
  • Autotype console content is stored now. (Useful if you want to use it for coding)
  • Autotype console content can be saved/ loaded now
  • Printer console content can be saved now
  • Java console content can be saved now (Useful for finding bugs)
  • Bugfix in AY_3_8910 emulation fixe d Death Wish 3 and Prehistorik 1
  • some other improvements
Nov 272008

AmeDS v3.0

AmeDS, a CPC emulator for the Nintendo DS which is based on Caprice, was released in a new version. Here are the changes:

  • Bugfixed redefinition of keys
  • Smoother screen rendering
  • Changed EI_delay (Tetris is now working)
  • Small speed increases
  • Stand-by support (if you close the covering AmeDS stops the execution)
  • better keyboard simulation

As I don’t speak any word french, I hope I translated the changes correctly :). You can download the latest version on the official homepage of AmeDS.

Version: 3.0
1.0 MiB

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