Aug 142011

Devilmarkus released a heavily improved version of his Java CPC emulator. It now behaves like a desktop, where you have multiple programs to choose from. E.g. you can now record and play YM tunes, capture real CPC cassettes and convert them to CDT images, paint and convert images with the integrated graphics program… and much more. Unfortunately it now relies on Windows, because some of the integrated programs are Windows binaries and its license was changed in this release: it is now donationware.

This is the desktop, you will get with JavaCPC Desktop:


You can download the emulator and get more information about the license switch on Devilmarkus’ website.


  • Integrated Z80 Assembler: Feel free to create your own programs in Z80 Assembler. Compile them directly into the CPC’s ram.
  • Improved Debugger
  • Virtual Keyboard: You cannot find your key you need? Use the virtual Keyboard then.
  • Alarm Clock: A simple alarm clock, which reminds you when you have something else to do.
  • YM-Control: Record and playback your own YM files.
  • Manage DSK (Windows only!): Copy files from your PC on a DSK or vice versa.
  • Audio Capture: Record your favourite CPC sound as WAV file.
  • TapeDrive: A fully controllable virtual tape drive. Supports CSW, CDT, WAV and MP3
  • JavaCPC Paint: Paint your own screens in normal mode or also as Overscan pictures. Convert existing images to CPC format. (Supported import-Formats: PCX, TGA, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, SNA)
  • Mandelbrot: A simple app to paint Mandelbrot fractals directly on the CPC screen.
  • Tiled Mapeditor: You can use it to create game maps etc…
  • Poke Finder: A simple tool to find PEEKS and POKES to cheat in games.
  • Calculator: A scientific calculator which understands string input with brackets etc…
  • WebBrowser: A webbrowser
  • GameBrowser: Don’t waste your time by downloading hundreds of CPC games without checking them! Just load them directly into the emulator and play them.
  • Virtual Floppy: A little thingie to see what your virtual disc drive does.
  • SubPopRadio: Listen to the best CPC-tunes available in WWW!
  • JavaCPC Chat: Chat with other JavaCPC users all over the world. (Experimental)
  • Favourites: Add and load your favourite DSK, CDT or SNA files with a few mouseclicks only!
  • DSK2CDT: Simple filetransfer to copy files from an existing DSK file on a new CDT file (Windows only!)
  • And much more!!!
Oct 312009

Devilmarkus released a new version of his Java Amstrad CPC emulator called JavaCPC. You can download it from in the download section.

Changes for version 6.7:

  • Improved CRTC 0 and CRTC 1 emulation, fully emulates Registers 6 and 8
  • New feature: JavaCPC Paint allows to paint normal sized screens, convert JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF on-the-fy into CPC format
  • Realtime clock (Just for fun, not a real emulated feature, demodisk is included)
  • Performance observer to avoid low performance / bad synchro
  • You can dump cpc-ram directly into HEX-Editor now (Read-only, but saveable to PC)
  • LZH uncompression possible for YM files
  • improvements for the YM player
  • Several minor bugfixes
  • Bugfix in Autotype to avoid shift-key ignores
  • Changed colour tables for Colour monitor (Linear / Non-linear)
Java CPC
Java CPC
Version: v6.7
2.5 MiB
Sep 032009

And another new version of JavaCPC, a CPC emulator written in Java, by Devilmarkus. As always, you can download it from in the download section.

Changes from ver. 6.5 to 6.6.4:

  • Debugger improvements (Breakpoints, Break Instructions)
  • Tape polarity changeable (Needed for some strange tapes)
  • New displaying method allows DoubleBuffered in actual JAVA-update
  • A virtual floppy drive as anchor window, moveable with mouse and zoomable (Double click with left/right mousebutton into the drive)
  • Simple GIF-Recorder (Not perfect, but funny)
  • New screenshot routine (Allows to catch also the filter/monitor mask)
  • New greenscreen emulation
  • Improved display filter (needs high performance PC’s)
  • JavaCPC’s window position is stored now on exit
  • Added Prodatron’s Digitracker tools as internal applications (MOD converter and Player generator)
  • CRTC improvements allow the demo “From Scratch” to be viewed fully
  • Small bugfix in FDC emulation (allows to watch raster images from ConvImgCPC without read error)
Jul 192009

Devilmarkus just released a new version of his Java CPC emulator called JavaCPC. As always, you can download it from in the download section.

Changes from ver. 6.4 to 6.5:

  • New feature: Record audio (You can save JavaCPC’s soundchip output as WAV file now, 44khz, 8 bit, stereo)
  • CSW file support
  • Completely overhauled AY emulation with logarithmic volume output (You can choose between 3 different volume-tables) and with better noise output
  • New features for Windows users: You can create CDT or convert WAV to CDT now using JavaCPC’s GUI’s for 2CDT / SAMP2CDT (Thanks to Kevin Thacker who gave me permission to use his apps)
  • Improved CRTC emulation
Jun 252009

Devilmarkus just released a new version of his Java CPC emulator called JavaCPC. As always, you can download it from in the download section.

Changes from ver. 6.3 to 6.4:

  • Improved tape emulation, supports WAV, CDT and MP3
  • Tapedeck can be used as MP3/WAV music player
  • Bugfix in Z80 emulation, makes Speedlock and similar protections work
  • Bugfix in FDC emulation, makes games "Prehistorik II" and "Super Cauldron" work
  • Chooseable CRTC type 0 / 1 and CRTC improvements
  • CRTC Register 1 fix
  • Added GZip compression for WAV, DSK, SNA
  • Added keyboard-recording function (Check edit-menu)
  • Added STarKos 1.21 roms (Chooseable in JavaCPC’s romsetter)
  • some several bugfixes
  • Better resynchronisation for sound
  • New "knobs" to change volume / digiblaster volume
  • New feature: "Report a bug" which allows the user to send a bugreport directly to me, includes JAVA-console output (See: Help -> Report a bug)
  • Improved version checking
  • You can assign now DSK, SNA and other cpc-related files to Win32 executable

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