Dec 292006
CPCE A new version of CPCE, a CPC emulator for DOS, DPMI and Win32, was released. It’s major improvement is the support of 6kb sectors. Games which are using this for copyprotection work now (e.g. Double Dragon or Addams Family). Some other small bugfixes were made to.
You can download the new version from the official CPCE homepage.
Dec 282006

Right in time before the start of the next year, Prodatron released his alternative operatingsystem SymbOS in version 1.1. The main feature of the new version is the support of the MSX2 system. All aplications can run on both systems without changing their sourcecode.

Here are some of the other changes (you can see the full list here):

  • “AUTOEXEC” – you can now specify programs which can be automatically loaded on system startup
  • Bugfix for double redraws
  • CPC: autoboot – when starting the CPC you can hold CTRL key down and directly start with SymbOS
  • CPC: screenroutines for Mode 1 have been optimized
  • Pac-Man – clone of the Pacman game for SymbOS
  • Pocket Calculator – completly rewritten calculator with scientific mode
  • Symbiface II ROM manager – displays RSX commands of “expanded” ROMs
  • … and much more …

Go and get you copy from

Dec 222006

Richard Wilson released a new version of his great CPC emulator WinAPE. Here are the changes:

  • Enhanced Tape File support
  • Improvements to the Assembler and Debugger
  • Various bug fixes
  • General enhancements to the emulation

You can get the latest version from the official WinAPE homepage.

Dec 122006

A new version of Xcpc, a portable Amstrad CPC emulator which is designed to run on any POSIX system, was released yesterday. The main changes are cleanups in the Z80 emulation and Z80 core reimplementation to provide better timing.

You can download it from the Xcpc’s official website.

Nov 282006

PSPCap 1.1.4

Zx released a new version of his CPC emulator for the Sony PSP.
Here are the changes in the new version:

  • Add “fit height” zoom mode
  • Speed limiter is set to 50fps max (instead of 60fps)
  • Bug fix in PNG screenshots (bad colors)
  • Bug fix in sound tick menu (psp crash)

You can download the actual version here.

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