Dec 312010

Jahrome11 released the first Amstrad CPC emulator for Google’s Andoid operating system. The emulator is based on Ludovic Jacommes WizCAP32 emulator which is a Caprice port for the Gamepark Wiz. Currently this emulator is only supposed to work on devices which have a physical keyboard connected to the device.

You can download the emulator from its page at Google Code.

Dec 252010

The demogroup Impact just released a new XMAS demo. You can download it from Pouet (don’t forget to rate the demo :-)) or at the end of this article.


Merry XMAS 2010
Merry XMAS 2010
60.2 KiB
Dec 192010

The SDCC C cross-compiler is now available in version 3.0.0. It is also possible to produce binaries for the Amstrad CPC with it (see this [[SDCC and CPC|CPC Wiki article]]). Here are the features of the final 3.0.0 version:

  • sdcpp synchronized with GNU cpp 4.5.0
  • changed z80 and gb targets object file extension to .rel
  • special sdcc keywords which are not preceded by a double underscore are deprecated in sdcc version 3.0.0 and higher. See section ANSI-Compliance in sdccman
  • xa51 and avr targets are disabled by default in sdcc version 3.0.0 and higher
  • introduced new memory model huge for mcs51 to use bankswitching for all functions
  • removed generation of GameBoy binary image file format, rrgb map file format and no$gmb sym file format from sdld linker. Utility makebin generates GameBoy binary image file format, utility as2gbmap utility converts sdas map file to rrgb map and no$gmb sym file formas.
  • implemented __builtin_offsetof
  • asxxxx / aslink renamed to sdas / sdld and synchronized with ASXXXX V2.0
  • majority of sdcc run time library released under GPL+LE license
  • introduced –use-non-free command line option
  • non free (non GPL compatible) header and library files moved to non-free directory
  • deprecated –no-pack-iram command line option

As always you can download it from the SDCC homepage.

Dec 182010

A little bit late, but anyway: Artaburu released a new version of his utility library for the Z88dk C compiler. E.g. Mariano the dragon or the recently released Nanako Descend To Hell was written with this library and so it contains a lot of graphics functions, key functions, map functions, etc. You can download it from the official homepage of the CPCRslib.

Here are the changes since my last posting:


cpcrslib with horizontal scrolling capabilities is uploaded. From now, there will be 2 official libraries: one for scrolling and one for static screen. Although the scrolling one can be used to for static screens, because it has been improved for scrolling, when static using it is a slower than the "standard" one. Horizontal scroll example included.


Bug in cpc_WyzPlayer corrected. When saving the player interrupt jump, the code was being corrupted due to a bad definition of the address where the original jump was being saved.


cpc_PrintGphStr0,cpc_PrintGphStr0M1: Optimized code: Smaller and faster, thanks to Kevin Thacker for coding it on Blue Angel 69. cpc_PrintGphStr2X,cpc_PrintGphStrXY2X,cpc_PrintGphStrM12X,cpc_PrintGphStrXY2X: New routines for printing graphical text at double height. Sample 5 modified.

Dec 172010

Condense released a new demo for the Amstrad CPC. It is inspired by the Amiga demo “State of the Art”. You can download the DSK image from the CPCWiki or at the end of this posting – and don’t forget to vote for it on Pouet.

Here is the video of the demo, but be sure to watch it on the real hardware:

76.8 KiB

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