Mar 302009

Artaburu released a new version of his utility library for the Z88dk C-compiler. E.g. Mariano the dragon or the recently released Nanako Descend To Hell was written with using this library and so it contains a lot of graphics functions, key functions, map functions, etc. You can download it from the official homepage of the CPCRslib.

Here are the changes since my last news posting:


  • cpc_ClrScr: Fills screen with ink 0 (similar to CLG)
  • cpc_DisableFirmware: Disables interruption jump from &0038
  • cpc_EnableFirmware: Restores interruption jump previously removed with cpc_DisableFirmware
  • cpc_PrintGphStrStd: New mode 1 8×8 pixel writing routine, memory address
  • cpc_PrintGphStrStdXY: New mode 1 8×8 pixel writing routine, (x,y) for positioning text
  • cpc_ShowTileMap: Modified. Removed EI/DI instructions to avoid music/sound delays while showing tile Map.
  • cpc_RRI, cpc_RLI: Modified. There was a bug when using IX.
  • cpc_ScanKeyboard: New routine for scanning whole keyboard (from cpcwiki keyboard programming).
  • cpc_TestKeyF: New routine to test if a key has been pressed but it must be used after cpc_ScanKeyboard. This way is fastest than previous one if 3 or more keys have to be tested.
  • cpc_WyzPlayer: Modified interruption backup because previously it assumed it was a JP XXXX jump and sometimes is not correct.
  • Example disc included: All the code examples compiled and ready to run in a single disk.


  • cpc_RRI: Moves a screen rectangle one byte to the left (<-), most left byte goes to the right side (no byte info lost)
  • cpc_RLI: Moves a screen rectangle one byte to the right (->), most left byte goes to the left side (no byte info lost)


  • cpc_TouchTiles: New routine to set a tile rectangle as touched in order to be shown in the next cpc_ShowTouchedTiles call.

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