Apr 032009

Devilmarkus just released a new version of his Java CPC emulator called JavaCPC. As always, you can download it from CPC-Live.com in the download section.

Here are the features of the new version:

  • Bilinear display filtering
  • Tape-support (PCM WAV files 8 bit, 44khz, mono supported)
  • YM recorder / player plays uncrunched YM3, YM5 and YM6 files (1 mhz CPC and also 2 mhz Atari ST possible)
  • Digitracker included! Thanks to Prodatron.
  • Memory selectable
  • Computername chooseable (Amstrad, Orion, Schneider, Awa, Solavox, Triumph, Saisho, Isp)
  • You can enable DSK-check (Emulator will ask you to save changes, when a DSK have been changed)
  • Automatic update check can be enabled/disabled
  • Manual update check
  • URLs added to homepage / downloadpage / Sourceforge projectpage
  • Improvements in ROM setup: You can use your own ROMs now!
  • Improved autofire function with variable speed (Advanced settings)
  • Performance settings for older PCs (When enabled, some Displayfeatures are disabled to increase performance)
  • New display icons
  • Content of autotype console is saved now automatically for better useage
  • Dummy-format command (not formatting yet, but skips the tracks)
  • Some bugfixes

Amstrad CPC emulator written in Java

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