Nov 292008

Devilmarkus released a new version of his Java CPC emulator. You can download it on in the download section.

Here are the features of the new version:

  • Added a JavaCPC expansion rom (Please read info from menu or type |INFO when ROM is enabled)
  • Saving of 64k and 128k snapshots
  • Internal hex-editor (as tool)
  • Import of ASCII files direct to emulator
  • Import of binary files (without AMSDOS header) directly to RAM
  • New method to save screenshots (Now the real screen-content is saved)
  • Changed all file-choosers to faster ones
  • JavaCPC can show now the actual INKs palette
  • VU-meter added to advanced options & on the display if OSD is enabled
  • Autotype console content is stored now. (Useful if you want to use it for coding)
  • Autotype console content can be saved/ loaded now
  • Printer console content can be saved now
  • Java console content can be saved now (Useful for finding bugs)
  • Bugfix in AY_3_8910 emulation fixe d Death Wish 3 and Prehistorik 1
  • some other improvements

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