Sep 272019

You are currently working on your latest production and need a way to compose music for it? Then the Arkos Tracker might be a good choice for you. In the latest version, Targhan, the author of it, completely rewrote it, so it is available for your favourite operating system now. Besides the obvious support for the Amstrad CPC it also supports the Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Oric, Apple 2, Vectrex and the Sharp MZ-700 and of course you can also import various chiptune tracker formats (e.g. from Soundtrakker, Arkos Tracker 1, Starkos Tracker, Wyz Tracker, etc.) but also MIDI or MOD files for easy music conversion. Let’s not forget that it also supports extra hardware that adds multiple soundchips to your system (like the PlayCity on the Amstrad CPC).

This is an example tune playing in the Arkos Tracker 2:

You got interested in it? Great! Head over to the Arkos Tracker 2 homepage and download it.


  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac).
  • Manage both standard PSG sound and samples without any distinction!
  • Support of AY-3-8912 and YM2149F.
  • Unlimited PSG count! You can create standard 3-channel songs, or 6, 9, 32 or more if you want!
  • 4 columns of effects per channel, including Arpeggio (via a table or inline value), Pitch, slide, glide, change Arpeggio/Pitch/Instrument speed, etc.
  • Import from MIDI, AKS (Arkos Tracker 1), SKS (STarKos), 128 (BSC’s Soundtrakker), WYZ (Wyz Tracker), MOD, VT2 (Vortex Tracker 2), CHP (Chip’n’sfx).
  • 4 players, from versatile to extremely fast, or slower but less memory consuming.
  • Support of specific hardware: PlayCity (CPC), Spectrum TurboSound, SpecNext, MSX Darky and MSX FPGA (AKY player only).
  • Sound effect support, shared among songs.
  • ROM players available: no more auto-modifying code, a small buffer is used.
  • Exports can be assembly sources or binaries: it makes it easy to integrate the songs in your production.
  • Sources can be converted to any assembler.
  • Each PSG can have its own frequency (including custom ones).
  • Replay rate from 12Hz to 300Hz, or custom.
  • A song is composed of sub-songs, all sharing the same instruments. Helps you save even more memory!
Oct 102016

CargoSoft, well-known for the awesome Orion Prime horror sci-fi adventure, released a new game called “Imperial Mahjong”. You might already have guessed it: it is a mahjong game for the Amstrad CPC. This all sounds well-known and simple, but it isn’t: it features two new graphics modes (EGX – 16 colours, 320×200 instead of 4 colours, EGX2 – 4 colours in 640×200 instead of 2 colours). During the whole game, you can hear digi drums and the game itself features more than 30 minutes of music! Play the game and find out much more features in it. And… it looks soooooo beautiful :-)!

Imperial Mahjong

To play the game, you need at least 128kb RAM. You can download it at the end of the news or from the CargoSoft Imperial Mahjong homepage.


262.5 KiB
Jul 022012

Last but not least it is released: The german version of Orion Prime, the cool horror-adventure by Cargosoft. We know it took quite a while, but you will get the full german version, which means everything was translated – the manual, the game, the disc label… Be quick, download and play it!


Jul 092010

Ok, here it is: The final version of the Arkos Tracker.

With the Arkos Tracker you can compose your chiptune music for the Amstrad CPC (and a variety of other computers), compile them and use the player for the specific system. The sound playback is done via emulation of the AY-3-891x soundchip on your PC or directly on an Amstrad CPC via the CPC Booster+.

You can download the new Beta version from the tools section of the Arkos homepage.


  • The “Load Song” dialog can now load both AKS and SKS files at the same time.
  • You use use the command line to load a song.
  • Drag’n’drop possible to the Arkos Tracker executable file to load a song.
  • Bug corrected: Could not close the application with the top-right cross when the player was active.

    Jun 302010

    The adventure game Orion Prime is now available as DSK images. Let’s hope to see the german version in the future, too. You can download the complete release (including manuals and DSK files) from the Orion Prime homepage and at the end of this article.

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