Jun 292010

Arkos released a new Beta version of their cross-plattform tracker “Arkos Tracker”. With the Arkos Tracker you can compose your chiptune music for the Amstrad CPC (and a variety of other computers), compile them and use the player for the specific system. The sound playback is done via emulation of the AY-3-891x soundchip on your PC or directly on an Amstrad CPC via the CPC Booster+.

You can download the new Beta version from the tools section of the Arkos homepage.


  • Ability to drag’n’drop AKS, AKI, SKS files into the Arkos Tracker.
  • Ability to limit the Pattern Viewer refresh rate in order to improve performance.
  • Load Song and Import SKS options are now mixed into one single option.
  • Corrected a bug that could make the Pattern Viewer not refreshed after having entered a volume, pitch or instrument.
  • Corrected a bug that would make the player use a wrong frequency when changing the replay frequency.
  • Corrected a bug that would make sounds not evolve on Speed 1 while adding them in the Pattern Viewer.
  • Slight improvement of the replay routine (shouldn’t be noticeable in 16 bits, but should in 8), after Dadman noticed a bug in the 8 bits replay.
  • A few cycles optimisations of the player (thanks to Grim/Arkos).
  • Spectrum player redesigned, corrected, and optimised by Grim/Arkos (using the “Molusk” song, max TM is 5300t, average is 2400t).
  • MSX player test debugged by Syx. MSX DSK updated by Syx.
  • Source of the CPCBooster client and management now included (Sources/CPCBooster).

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