Jun 252009

Devilmarkus just released a new version of his Java CPC emulator called JavaCPC. As always, you can download it from CPC-Live.com in the download section.

Changes from ver. 6.3 to 6.4:

  • Improved tape emulation, supports WAV, CDT and MP3
  • Tapedeck can be used as MP3/WAV music player
  • Bugfix in Z80 emulation, makes Speedlock and similar protections work
  • Bugfix in FDC emulation, makes games "Prehistorik II" and "Super Cauldron" work
  • Chooseable CRTC type 0 / 1 and CRTC improvements
  • CRTC Register 1 fix
  • Added GZip compression for WAV, DSK, SNA
  • Added keyboard-recording function (Check edit-menu)
  • Added STarKos 1.21 roms (Chooseable in JavaCPC’s romsetter)
  • some several bugfixes
  • Better resynchronisation for sound
  • New "knobs" to change volume / digiblaster volume
  • New feature: "Report a bug" which allows the user to send a bugreport directly to me, includes JAVA-console output (See: Help -> Report a bug)
  • Improved version checking
  • You can assign now DSK, SNA and other cpc-related files to Win32 executable

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