Jul 122009

A new version of Z88dk, a Small-C cross-compiler for Z80 based computers like the Amstrad CPC, the Z88, the Spectrum, etc., was released. You can download the new version from the Z88dk homepage.
Here are the changes of the new version:

  • [z80asm] Supports -I and -L directives to specify library and include paths
  • [z80asm] the # include identify is no longer required
  • [z80asm] Bug fixes for rabbit support
  • [sccz80] Support for alternate assemblers
  • [zcc] Support for alternate assembler/linkers
  • [z80nm] Improvements and bug fixes
  • [lib] MSX: Many improvements
  • [lib] TRS80: Graphics support
  • [lib] CPC: Better handling of firmware calls
  • [lib] Galaksija: New target
  • [lib] C128: Improvements
  • [lib] Many other improvements and bug fixes

  3 Responses to “Z88dk v1.9”

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