Jul 152007

Today a brand new version of Z88dk, a Small-C cross-compiler for Z80 based computers like the Amstrad CPC, the Z88, the Spectrum, etc., was released today. You can download the new version from the Z88dk homepage.
Here are the changes of the new version:

  • Support for Newbrain, Rabbit, Sega Master System SMS, TS2068 as new targets
  • Z80asm supporting Rabbit
  • Much of the library rewritten to use FASTCALL and CALLEE linkage for faster and small library function calls
  • malloc library can now allocate from a scattered map of available RAM and supports multiple heaps
  • balloc library introduced as a block memory allocator
  • interrupt mode 2 library added
  • stdlib and strings now completely implemented in assembler and expanded
  • abstract data types library introduced initially containing linked list, heap, stack and queue
    algorithms library begun initially containing an implementation of the A* search algorithm
  • ZX Spectrum : Stefano’s ZX basic fcntl driver
  • ZX Spectrum : SP1 software sprite engine added
  • ZX Spectrum : Residos packages support
  • ZX Spectrum : Improved Spectrum library includes new display functions
  • ZX Spectrum : Input library added for direct access to keyboard, joystick and mouse devices
  • + Many more

If you are able to understand german, you can read my article about how to use Z88dk for cross-compilation with the Amstrad CPC.

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