Mar 192008

A brand new version of Z88dk, a Small-C cross-compiler for Z80 based computers like the Amstrad CPC, the Z88, the Spectrum, etc., was released. You can download the new version from the Z88dk homepage.
Here are the changes of the new version:

  • [sccz80] Bug fixes
  • [cpp] DATE directive now outputs the date in a sensible format
  • [lib] crt0: Different versions of the library are built to avoid index registers or alternate registers depending on the target
  • [lib] A simple Xlib emulation has been imported and is available to ports with graphics capabilities
  • [lib] CPC: Stability improvements
  • [lib] ZX: Direct access to Opus Discovery is available
  • [lib] ZX81: Stability improvements
  • [lib] ZX81: High Res graphics are available
  • [lib] ZX81: SP1 sprite package support
  • [lib] TS2068: SP1 sprite package support
  • [lib] Newbrain: fcntl support
  • [lib] MSX: Improved support
  • [lib] MSX: 1 bit sound
  • [lib] ABC80: graphics
  • [lib] TEST: New test target for supporting a testing infrastructure

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