Sep 232009

Ok, a bit late, but anyway…. Artaburu released a new version of his utility library for the Z88dk C compiler. E.g. Mariano the dragon or the recently released Nanako Descend To Hell was written with using this library and so it contains a lot of graphics functions, key functions, map functions, etc. You can download it from the official homepage of the CPCRslib.

Here are the changes for the new version (at least what I can understand, because it is posting in a spanish forum :-)):

  • TileMapConf.asm: Two new constants: T_WH and T_HH. These indicate the range of tiles right / left and top / bottom.
  • cpc_ShowTileMap2: Displays the visiable area of the tile map. Ideal for updating the screen after a scroll.
  • cpc_PutSpTileMapO: Routine to make the tiles which occupies a sprite on screen can be erased when the sprite out of it.
  • cpc_ScrollLeft0, cpc_ScrollRight0: Routines modified to make the scroll of the tile map: act against superbuffer and against tile map.
  • cpc_ScrollLeft, cpc_ScrollRight: For now deactivated.

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