Mar 022009

Artaburu released a new version of his utility library for the Z88dk C-compiler. Mariano the dragon was written with using this library and so it contains a lot of graphics functions, key functions, map functions, etc. You can download it from the official homepage of the CPCRslib.

Here are the changes of the new version:

  • cpc_PutTrSpriteTileMap2b: New routine similar to cpc_PutTrSpTileMap2b but without the internal buffer address calculation, it requires use of cpc_SpUpdX and cpc_SpUpdY to update the sprite position or by the normal way but using cpc_SuperbufferAddress() after x,y update.
  • cpc_UpdateTileMap: Update to include cpc_PutTrSpTileMap2 and cpc_PutTrSpriteTileMap2 routines.
  • cpc_ScrollLeft0, cpc_ScrollLeft, cpc_ScrollRight0, cpc_ScrollRight: New routines for software scroll using tile map. (See example included in file)

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