Dec 082011

A new version of the SDCC C compiler is available. You can use SDCC to develop for the Amstrad CPC, e.g. with using the SDCC Code::Blocks template or the article in the CPCWiki. In the new version, there are a lot of optimisations for the Z80 backend, so be sure to update if you already use the old version. You can download it from


  • include/pic, non-free/include/pic, lib/pic, non-free/lib/pic renamed to */pic14
  • implemented –fomit-frame-pointer for mcs51
  • support for use of sdcc in z88dk (–reserve-regs-iy and –no-optsdcc-in-asm options; smallc calling convention)
  • new register allocator in the z80 and gbz80 ports (optimal when using –opt-code-size and a sufficiently high value for –max-allocs-per-node for the z80 port)
    C99 designated initializers
  • added strxfrm() and strcoll() functions; strerror() is the only string handling function still missing
  • added support for pic18f2xk22/pic18f4xk22 family (requires gputils > 0.14.0 and –enable-new-pics configure flag)
  • added support for enhanced core pic14 devices (requires gputils > 0.14.0 and –enable-new-pics configure flag)
  • setjmp() / longjmp() for the z80 port
  • _Bool / bool for the hc08, pic16 and pic14 ports
  • sdcpp synchronized with GNU cpp 4.6.1
  • z180 port
  • very basic (no integer constants, multiplication, division, shifts or use as return value) support for data types long long, unsigned long long, int_fast64_t, int_least64_t, int64_t, uint_fast64_t, uint_least64_t, uint64_t in the z80, z180, r2k and gbz80 ports
  • r2k port for the Rabbit 2000 and Rabbit 3000
  • Numerous feature requests and bug fixes are included as well.

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