May 312013

A new version of the SDCC C compiler is available. You can use SDCC to develop for the Amstrad CPC, e.g. with using the SDCC Code::Blocks template or the programming tutorials by Mochilote. The new version contains a lot of optimisations for the Z80 backend again, so be sure to update. You can download it from


  • Many small improvements in code generation for the z80-related ports – merged smallopts branch
  • lospre (currently enabled for z80-related and hc08-related ports only) – merged lospre branch
  • More efficient initialization of globals in z80, z180, r2k and r3ka ports.
  • Inclusion of tests from the gcc test suite into the sdcc regression test suite led to many bugs being found and fixed.
  • Split sdas390 from sdas8051
  • Merged big parts of ASxxxx v5 into sdas
  • New pic devices (synchronization with MPLABX 1.60). (Except for very old MCU-s.)
  • New script which disassembles those hex files, in which MCS51 code there is. (
  • Added the PIC16F1788 and PIC16F1789 devices.
  • C11 _Alignof operator.
  • C11 _Alignas alignment specifier.
  • C11 _Static_Assert static assertion.

Numerous feature requests and bug fixes are included as well.

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