Jun 272015

A new version of the SDCC C compiler is available. You can use SDCC to develop for the Amstrad CPC, e.g. with using the SDCC Code::Blocks template or the programming tutorials by Mochilote or with the new CPCtelera framework. The new version contains also some features for the Z80 port, so be sure to update it. You can download it from http://sdcc.sourceforge.net.


  • –disable-non-free configure option
  • Changed default language dialect from –std-sdcc89 to –std-sdcc99
  • Reorganized and updated manual
  • Reduced memory consumption (most noticeable for high –max-allocs-per-node)
  • Faster compilation for stm8 (most noticeable for high –max-allocs-per-node)
  • atoll() function for conversion of strings to long long
  • __z88dk_fastcall and __z88dk_callee calling conventions for more efficient function calls and better compability with z88dk
  • –lospre-unsafe-read renamed to –allow-unsafe-read
  • other numerous feature requests and bug fixes

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  1. […] was just released. The release is a transition release on the way to v2.0 which aims on using the SDCC compiler instead of the Small-C compiler, which was used before. This leads to much faster and […]

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