Jun 232015

Do you want to develop a game for the Amstrad CPC? Yes? Then this is maybe the optimal time to start with it, because the CPCRetroDev 2015 contest has just started and it offers about 900 EURs in prices. It is organised by the University of Alicante / Spain and aims to award the best and creative game developers who developed a game for the Amstrad CPC 464. The deadline is friday, 23rd October 2015 – so you still have enough time to get into Amstrad CPC development either with the CPCtelera game development kit, the great programming tutorials on CPCMania, the CPCrslib programming library or cpcitor’s development toolchain.

The following awards can be achieved:

PRO Category

  • 300 € Best game
  • 150 € 2nd best game
  • 75 € 3rd best game

BASIC Category

  • 100 € Best game
  • 50 € 2nd best game

Special mentions from the jury

  • 125 € Special mention for best technical achievement
  • 100 € Special Devilish Games mention to the most original game

You can get more information about the competition rules and about the competition itself on the CPCGameDev 2015 homepage. Be sure to participate and bring your creative game ideas to the Amstrad CPC.

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