Dec 162010

Phi2x updated his JavaScript Amstrad CPC emulator and did a major overhaul of the emulation engine. It is now a cycle-exact emulation which means that it is prepared for the latest games and demos. To use the emulator, just go to and let your browser do all the magic.

CPCBox changelog – 20101215:

– Major overhaul of the main loop and z80 emulation core, enabling precise video emulation.
– CRTC emulation beefed up (internal counters overflow, Type 1 specifics, …).
– Fixed Z80 R register bug on IRQ acknowledge.
– Fixed another IRQ acknowledge bug with DD/FD prefixed opcodes.
– Fixed flag calc in LD A,I and LD A,R instructions.

Dec 152010

Right in time Redbox released his Xmas demo for the Amstrad CPC Plus. It uses the extended hardware colour palette and hardware sprites and works in WinApe and on the real hardware. You can download it from [[Xmas 2010 Demo|the CPC Wiki article of the demo]] or at the end of this posting.


Xmas 2010
Xmas 2010
14.1 KiB
Dec 112010

Bryce finished another hardware project, this time for the Amstrad Plus series. It is a multi cartridge, which contains a 512 KB EPROM or Flash-ROM on which you can place 4 128 KB ROMs. You can use the DIP switches on the cartridge to select which of the four ROMs shall be used by the CPC. As always you can find more information about the cartridge and the board layout in the [[Multi Cartridge|Multi Cartridge]] article in the CPC Wiki. The project can be discussed here.

NOTE: You will still need a ACID protection chip in this cartridge.


Dec 062010

ZX81, well known for his CPC emulators for the GP2x, Wiz, Dingoo, PSP and Pandora handhelds, released a new version of his CPC emulator for the Gamepark Caanoo handheld. The port is based on his port for the GP2x. You can download it from ZX81’s homepage.


  • Add USB keyboard support
  • Center Help screen and fix border screen issue in several menus (text was pratically unreadable in rom/disk files requester etc.)
  • Remove unused overclock cpu speed parameter
Nov 212010

Kevin Thacker announced in the CPC Wiki forums that his games – Sudoku and Balloonacy – which were released under the Cronosoft label, are now available as full version on However, if you want a physical copy, both games are still available on cassette at Cronsoft.





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