Nov 212010

Kevin Thacker announced in the CPC Wiki forums that his games – Sudoku and Balloonacy – which were released under the Cronosoft label, are now available as full version on However, if you want a physical copy, both games are still available on cassette at Cronsoft.





Jul 252009

After the release of Sudoku Master on disk (I already wrote a news entry before), you can now download the game direclty from the Binary Sciences homepage. Go download it and have fun!

Sudoku Master
Sudoku Master
62.8 KiB
Jul 152009

After a long work Binary Sciences releases their new game for the Amstrad CPC called Sudoku Master. As the title already suggest, it is an implementation of the Sudoku game for the CPC. Currently you can order a copy on 3.5” disk directly from Eliot – see Binary Sciences homepage for more information. A download version will be available later.

Sep 042008

Kevin Thacker just finished the Sudoku puzzle game he worked on. You can download a demo version from his game page . The full version will be available from Cronosoft .

Sudoku by Kevin Thacker

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