Dec 062009

Kevin Thacker made the full version of his game “Stranded” available for download. Stranded is a puzzle game where you have to move your character from a starting square over each square to an end square. Sounds simple, but you will get 32 challenging levels.

You can download it from Kevin Thackers game website or directly at the end of this news entry. If you want to buy the game on a real cassette, you can do that on the Cronosoft page.


32.2 KiB

  One Response to “Stranded full version available for download”

  1. Seems that Kev put more work in the c64 version than in the CPC versions. The tiles are just more colorful there. Wouldn’t be a problem to use more than one color in CPC Mode 0. However the c64 guys thanked him by cracking this game a couple of days after the release 😉 So I hope Kev will invest more time in CPC stuff in future 🙂

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