Nov 212010

Kevin Thacker announced in the CPC Wiki forums that his games – Sudoku and Balloonacy – which were released under the Cronosoft label, are now available as full version on However, if you want a physical copy, both games are still available on cassette at Cronsoft.





Dec 062009

Kevin Thacker made the full version of his game “Stranded” available for download. Stranded is a puzzle game where you have to move your character from a starting square over each square to an end square. Sounds simple, but you will get 32 challenging levels.

You can download it from Kevin Thackers game website or directly at the end of this news entry. If you want to buy the game on a real cassette, you can do that on the Cronosoft page.


32.2 KiB
Sep 042008

Kevin Thacker just finished the Sudoku puzzle game he worked on. You can download a demo version from his game page . The full version will be available from Cronosoft .

Sudoku by Kevin Thacker

Aug 242008

The guys at Cronosoft have just released two new games. The games are Balloonacy by Kevin Thacker and Star Sabre by P. Kooistra. You can buy them directly from Cronosoft for 2.99 GBP (1 GBP goes to the author). The screenshot below is from the gameStar Sabre.

Oct 152007

Axelay wrote a new shoot-em-up game called “Star Patrol” for the CPC. It seems to be similar to games like R-Type, etc.
Currently it is in the release pipeline of Cronosoft, so we have just to wait until it is available. You can see another screenshot on the “Coming soon” page of the Cronosoft website.

Star Patrol

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