Feb 012015

Did you know that Odiesofts Megablasters has its 20th anniversary this year? No? Well, at least this is a good reason to celebrate it and why not celebrating its anniversary with a sequel. Project Argon, consisting of Axelay (coding), Rexbeng (graphics), McKlain and Tom&Jerry (sound & music) did it and just released their great sequel to Megablasters. Don’t hesitate and download it from below or from the CPCWiki forums.

MB20_title MB20_ingame

Megablasters: Escape from Castle in the Clouds
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Jun 252012

A new shoot’em’up release directly from the ReSeT #8: Super Edge Grinder. It is a remastered version of the already released game Edge Grinder by Axelay and features new graphics by Rex / Beng and updated music by Tom&Jerry / GPA. You can download it from Pouet.net (don’t forget to vote) and at the end of this news.


Super Edge Grinder
Super Edge Grinder
Super Edge Grinder (Format War).zip
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Sep 192011

Edge Grinder, a Shoot’em Up in the spirit of R-Type, was released some days ago. It was programmed for “Format War”, which main idea is to start developing games for different machines. The lead platform for Edge Grinder was that C64, well, and Paul Kooistra, who already brought such great games like Sub Hunter, Star Sabre and Dead on time to the CPC, did it and converted Edge Grinder to the CPC. You can read more about the story of the game, get the source code and of course download it on its Format War page. I also added a download to this posting.


Edge Grinder
Edge Grinder
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Feb 152011

The CPC version of the game Sub Hunter, written by Richard Bayliss and Frank Gasking, is now available for download at Psytronik. The game was converted by Paul Kooistra, who already brought us the games Star Sabre and Dead on Time. It features 25 levels where you have to destroy the fishs and save the swimmers. The download includes the disk and tape version. If you want to buy a physical copy instead, you can get one from the Binary Zone Interactive Retro Store.


Video review of the game by Xyphoe:

Feb 272010

Axelay, well-known for his great game Star Sabre (128k), has released a new action game “Dead on Time” for the CPC. You have to defeat enemy waves to earn time. If your time runs out, the game is over. Simple, isn’t it :)? The game itself features nice graphics and music, so be sure to download and play it.

You can download it directly from Axelays website or at the end of this news article. The game will be available on physical media (cassette) from Psytronik in the future.


Dead on Time
Dead on Time
35.9 KiB

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